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How to start a rooftop garden? Have a desire to grow a garden full of herbs? Edibles for daily consumption? Or A full-blown kitchen garden? Here are some very useful tips to start a Rooftop Garden: • Start with a plan. Before you head to a nursery, consider whether you wish to install raised beds or would rather garden in containers, and approximately how many of each you’d like to have. • Consult with a building engineer. It’s a good idea to consult with an engineer to ensure that the roof can support the weight of your garden and that it is well waterproofed. • Check your access. You’ll need easy access to the roof to transport materials, tools, soil and plants up and down. A narrow, rickety staircase maybe a challenge. • Use strong, long-lasting material. For containers, opt for larger sized pots, such as drums or recycled paint buckets. If installing raised beds, aim to make the beds at least 10-inches deep, to ensure adequate soil for root growth. • Find a water source. Rooftop beds and containers will dry out quickly and may need to be watered daily during the hottest parts of summer. If desired, an automatic watering system can be set up to reduce time spent watering. • Look for storage space. It’s no fun lugging tools, fertilizers and soil up to the roof every time you want to garden. A small storage space—even if it’s just a simple wooden box—will keep supplies handy and prevent them from blowing around on a windy rooftop. • Pick the right planting medium. In rooftop containers and raised beds, soil mixed with a little cocopeat is your best friend. Not only does it hold water but it is also lightweight and won’t compact over time. Relevant Topics: rooftop […]


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