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How to start a business or how to make money even In the worst Years. I spent 31 years in small business planning, implementing and gaining the experience to write-The “Jack of All Trades Master of Two”. This small business book will generate business ideas, marketing strategies, advertising techniques that Work. Whether your a teenager looking to make money or a seasoned professional in the service industry this book will help with business ideas and business opportunities. Get Your Free Ebook or Audio recording Here! Type REVIEW at checkout until April 15th 2016 Please Review it on Aamazon and Audible here: and Here: Forget the fluff- Its only the facts in this book. Frustrated with reading business book after business book and not finding actionable advice this book set’s out to create a Blueprint for Entrepreneurs to build their own business. The original concept behind the book was for a Father to teach his children how to create a company that they could run and grow on their own-in his absence. This was meant for their eyes only- so its hardcore examples on how to build a business. The curtain is pulled back- Using real jobs, real examples from actual projects on a step by step basis that allows you to see how it can be done. This is must have book that stands apart from every other business journal out there. * Actionable advice- meaning-real steps you can take to better your business. *How to start a company- or how to grow a company-its all there. *Real numbers-real projects- no theory-no bullshit. *Dedicated from a Father- built for his kids- actual advice that works. Why you should read this book: a thirty one year veteran in the service industry that built and ran a multi million […]

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  • DATDesign 4 years ago

    Just downloaded the audiobook. Wasn't sure what to expect for free, but took a look and it's well over 3 hours long, so I'm sure there's some valuable info in there. I plan on listening to this while stuck in my cubicle hell and plotting my escape. My goal is to provide for myself instead of "working for the man". Thanks again!

  • HappyChapGamer 4 years ago

    5 star rating after 70+ reviews !!! Must be a good read, Im in!

  • darrelbigdaddywhite 4 years ago

    Thanks for the book Stanley. Im having trouble with the link perhaps i cant read lol. i will keep looking.

  • Texanminecrafter29 4 years ago

    I'm 13 I can drive a skid steer and excavated I want to start a construction/lawn business. Thanks for writing your book and your videos

  • Jason Wildman 4 years ago

    this is an amazing book,
    very structured organized straight to the point .
    this book will help you take action no doubt…great book and thank you Stanley Genadek.

  • patugejv 4 years ago

    Awesome book Stan! I listened to it while working and it was well worth the time. I will be listening again and again. Love you Stan, keep the content comming…

    Fuck, Shit, Dam…and have a good day

  • Alex Swartz 4 years ago

    Just got it. Have an extreme amount of respect for you making it free. I'll pass on the word.

  • Deitra Brunner 4 years ago

    It's not showing up as free anymore on Amazon, just to let you know.

  • anthony landscaping and cervices 4 years ago

    hi stanley you always put a lot information out there thank you verry much god bless you and your family.. anthony landscaping from new jersey

  • Gravel Back Mechanic 4 years ago

    Thank you for the copy of your audio book. I reviewed it and I hope that it helps promote your book to a larger audience. Good Luck Stan.

  • Ring a Digger 4 years ago

    Fuck and boing that book was good!

  • JC'sLawnTips 4 years ago

    Very inspiring!

  • MOWTOWN 4 years ago

    Thank you ,I look forward to listening and reading it this week, I'm sure there will be plenty in there that I will implement into our business.

  • Chris P 4 years ago

    Keep it up stan, Great book. Maybe you can get it published by Random house and it will become a best seller like E-myth :)

  • Sean Sloan 4 years ago

    great book! some things definitely applies to bigger companies then I am at this moment. but that's why my reading. thanks and keep staying real.

  • Christopher Lankard 4 years ago

    your the man Stan. i think Ive watched every video at least once! your an inspiration brother!

  • Somer Davis 4 years ago

    Thanks Stan! I am listening to your book now. Awesome work..I really appreciate the book and all the video's you post!

  • Eduardo52831 4 years ago

    Hey Stanley, do you have any landscaping/ maintenance contracts for entire seasons worth of work for residential customers? Like a sample or template or one already written?

  • Tim Johnson 4 years ago

    done. thank you so much

  • Chris P 4 years ago

    Hi Stan, Just wanted to tell to you that since I'm only 16 I don't have my own credit card or amazon account so I can't write a review on amazon. Instead I'm going to write a review in the comment section!.
    Most business books are long and filled with complex theories that confuse the reader. Stan's book on other hand is short and to the point. Focusing on key issues and decisive plans for immediate results. Complete with step by step instructions for successful ventures in all sectors of the service business. I have read many business books and I have come across very few like this one. This book is perfect for novices and even experienced business people. Time is our most valuable asset and this book provides the reader with maximum efficiency by cramming as much information in a short well organized book. I highly recommend this to anyone starting a landscaping, excavating, or demolition business.

  • Angela jacj 4 years ago

    do u have a video on what and how to plant flowers and bushes in front yard?

  • JuanMoreGame 4 years ago

    Might try it along lawn next to gutter to hold wood chips from washing away. Good video and product, thanks.

  • Pj Danita 4 years ago

    Awesome. Never knew rubber mulch was an option.

  • justjamie365 4 years ago

    Im gonna try this. Looks so much easier! Thanks!

  • Leslie Lewis 4 years ago

    Wow you live in a fancy housing complex not surprised 

  • MsSensational Mechele 4 years ago

    That's cool. Thanks for sharing.