With ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND® insulation, creating a quiet oasis in your own home has never been easier. Or, if you’d like to make a lot of racket, our home insulation product lets you savour noise without fear of disrupting your family, housemates, or neighbours.

See our website for more information about our home insulation products. To find out where you can buy ROXUL Products in the USA and Canada, see our Dealer Location USA or Dealer Location Canada page.

Our soundproof insulation product is ideal for media and music studios, keeping a tranquil library or staying productive in your home office. There’s no better time to install our soundproof insulation than when you’re renovating your home, basement, or any other room in your house.

R SAFE’n’SOUND is perfect for ceiling insulation, interior wall insulation and floor insulation. It is effective in any room, but works particularly well when used for:
• Bedroom insulation
• Home Office insulation
• Library insulation
• Bathroom insulation
• Basement insulation
• Home Theatre insulation
• Music Studio insulation
• Furnace room insulation
• Laundry insulation
• Attic Insulation

So, what sets our product apart from the competition?

For starters, it has superior sound absorption qualities, especially with low frequency bass ranges.

Secondly, our product is is made of stone, meaning its non-combustible and fire resistant. If a fire were to occur, stone wool insulation may slows the spread of fire.

ROXUL’s SAFE’n’SOUND® is also chemically inert and water repellant, preventing damage caused by moisture, such as mildew, mold, fungi or bacteria. By contrast, many traditional and alternative insulation materials unintentionally encourage and promote the growth of mildew. Mildew and other water damage can diminish the insulation performance while creating a lingering health hazard that may get worse over time.

Finally, ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND is environmentally friendly. This acoustic insulation product is created with natural basalt rock and slag- a by-product from the steel refining industry. This substance would otherwise be sent straight to the landfill.
Our credentials have even been recognized on a national scale! We are the recipient of GreenGuard’s most stringent certification for air quality. We’re also a member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), and the energy-efficient insulation products we produce give us the privilege of being an ambassador for environmental responsibility.

For the industry-leading home insulation product, choose ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND today!

For more videos and information, see: http://www.diywithroxul.com

How to Soundproof Ceilings Between Floors

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  • Frank LeRoy

    I have a old house with radiant heating and as a result my basement ceiling is crisscrossed with its associated piping. Is this product compatible with a radiant heating system or will I have to use some other type of insulation in the areas where I have piping?

  • brandon whittington (Orcryst)

    silly question, is this insulation durable?
    I live in a townhouse style apartment, and i don't want to invest a lot of money in a renovation i won't get to keep, but if i could say… remove the drywall before i leave, and take my insulation back for the next studio, that'd be a lot safer.

    also, how well would the joices work without the drywall?

  • Travis B

    I used it in my basement, in the walls it's easy to install but in the ceiling its a nightmare. You cant bend it and going around ( cutting) plumbing, ducting, pex water lines, wires, which are all inbetween my floor joists, is hell. I would rather fight with Thor

  • carmichael moritz

    i had a pro install roxul safe and sound insulation , it helps for high pitch sounds like those nasty robins , it does not help for the low loud sounds like a small airplane, duck cannons , big tractor motor , door slamming , ect , the only thing that works is the old day stuff like that poison asbestos or a mud house , soil in the walls , the house was sound proof with the asbestos , removed it and put fiber glass pink and roxul in the bedroom walls and then i could hear all the loud low sounds , put soil in the walls and is sound proof again

  • MrTeff

    Resilient channel is cheap and easy, but not state of the art. A much better product, though more expensive, is RSIC-1 clips (Resilient Sound Isolation Clip) from PAC International.

  • Madz C

    I'm planning to have a drum room. My house is just 1 level so no impact noise for me. Can I just skip on the resilient channels? Just Rockwool + Joist and then the drywall under it?

  • silver fox

    it dont work! It muffles slightly, unless you want VERY light on the floor above. And you need a mask and gloves. Otherwise it was a waste of money. Roxul is good in the roof only. I have wondered if Roxul is good for exterior & interior walls. The marketing people will gladly say yes, for a sale.

  • willis yuen

    what about acoustic sealant and vapour barriers? If i put acoustic sealant on every studs and then use the vapour barrier to cover it is this overkill or better?

  • salcedovn

    Honestly, I used Safe n Sound insulation, IT DOES NOT WORK. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
    The channel system DOES WORK using a sound proof membrane as your base layer and sound proof drywall.
    This way you do not have the added cost of knocking down your existing ceiling.

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