How to slate a roof

How to Slate a Roof

This video shows you the basics of how to set out a roof for slating, and without understanding the basics of slate overlap and gauge you cannot build a foundation for a good slate roof. Hopefully this guide should help you understand how to slate a roof for small projects without getting into too much technical detail so it becomes overly complicated for beginners.

Please look out for Part 2 of this video which will deal with the process of laying slates, verges, gables ends and abutment walls, finishing with slating to the top row underneath ridge tiles or flashings.

Part two here :
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How to SLATE a roof – Set out a slate roof & bottom row

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  • Paul Sedman

    In fact I’m re slating above a window,
    The slope is 36inch and I have 20/10 new slates.
    I’m a little stuck, any help please?

  • Eric Williams

    So, no ply wood?? Just the membrane??. I guess that would be a lot of weight on your roof if you used play wood and slate.

  • reiverone

    You say "professionals" hmmmmm, looking at the photo of the slated roof, i can see, the slates were not sorted into thick middle or thin, causing gaps under the next coarse of slates, that will allow snow and rain to creep under, especially if accompanied by a stiff breeze, or easily broken by pressure of a henwalk on top of it. For slates, you measure from the bottom of the lath to the bottom of the next lath for accuracy of measurment. Other tha that, very good video.

  • Martin Baker

    I've made 2 Woodstores and have acquired the slates from a family member that are left over. This video, and the one after are excellent. Thanks very much !

  • ray bewick

    great videos and instruction , just wondering if you have a recommendation on the size of slate , 600×300 or 500×250 , this would be on a pitch of 30 degrees , thanks

  • Peter Newton

    Absolutely excellent video. You are to be congratulated for such a clear and concise description of the tasks involved in laying out the roof as a preliminary to tiling, and I will proceed with this task now with much greater confidence than I had before. Fantastic job, many thanks!

  • Slashley gibbins

    I did one of these with fibre cement tiles. Found the information on the tile manufacturer website. Everything I needed to know.

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