Added by on 2020-09-27 So before buying a dehumidifier, something to consider is sizing. It’s a common question in most things that we use. We need to figure out how much do I need and for what reason. In this case obviously, dehumidifiers are used to prevent things like powdery mildew and even pest infestations can be reduced by having a dehumidifier. It’s having the right climate is optimal for plant growth. But sizing the dehumidifier in the grow room is very simple. For the most part, most people are growing in sealed environments that use our products, they supplement the CO2, and they need to know, “Hey, how much dehumidifier do I need?” In simple terms, how much water that room gets is how much water you need to be removing. In other words, if you put 100 gallons in every 3 days, you need to have equipment that can take 100 gallons out. Don’t forget they’re 8 pints per gallon and dehumidifiers are rated in pints not gallons. So it’s water in, water out. The plant doesn’t keep that much, so it’s not really worth considering that. When considering your air conditioner as a dehumidifier, oftentimes the lights aren’t on the whole time and so having that as part of your calculation will mean that you can only control the humidity when the lights are on and the air conditioner is running, so we definitely don’t recommend that. Third thing, sometimes if you find yourself in a pinch, you could use your air conditioner as a dehumidifier by way of falsely adding heat to the room. This method is called the reheat method. It’s from the HVAC industry. In a short-term run, it’s not a bad idea. It will keep your plants alive, but as a long-term solution, it’s very energy […]

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  • Merlin The Great 3 weeks ago

    That's a very poor method of figuring the size of dehu you need. The 110 will do 5-10 lights from my experience and the 215 will do about 15-20 lights.