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  • Sachin Clemencet 1 year ago

    One of the most effective way to transform your gardening with hydroponics system is to take advantage of hydroponics pros, with out learn through trial and error like them before!

  • Megan Magnetic 1 year ago


  • trubet64 1 year ago

    How close to the bottom of the cups do you make the water level?

  • Fatima Capacillo 1 year ago

    Do you personally make and sell these anymore? 

  • Vegan Vampire 1 year ago

    nvm I saw the answer down below, I thought i read every post on this video but must have been the other ones. :)

  • Vegan Vampire 1 year ago

    how deep are the containers and how much water do they hold?

  • Joe Buzzell 1 year ago

    was that worm cast tea if so I'd love to see the end result. I have been told don't bother with worm cast tea use Hydrogarden 4-18-38

  • UltimateGamifyers 1 year ago

    I have been interested in the thought of growing weed for years but always been a simple stoner but now i have a job and im very interested in setting upbmy first garden a hydroponic garden at the i really need help and advice and basically a run down of how to set everything up aswell as i have questions if anyone can help i have kik @ldguthrie

  • James H 1 year ago

    aquaponics is healthier and uses not chemicals and the side benifit is you get to harvest fish

  • JimmyJak 1 year ago

    You dont use Hydroton?

  • Joe Orabona 1 year ago

    Can you do a follow up video showing mature plants in one of these?

  • Indoor Harvest Gardens 1 year ago

    20 x 15 x 7 and about 8-9 gallons. Thanks for watching ;)-

  • Karl Becker 1 year ago

    Thanks for the information.

  • Richard Hickman 1 year ago

    Hi again ! Nice set-up, reasonably priced. What is the depth of the tubs. Dimensions?

  • Lee Owen 1 year ago

    wouldn't that be ok with the volume of water beneath? have you tried planting more in one of those bins, and experienced less growth?

  • Indoor Harvest Gardens 1 year ago

    They crowd each other out quite quickly once they get going. Thanks for the comment! ;)-

  • Lee Owen 1 year ago

    why don't you add more plants to each bin? It looks like there's plenty of room for more.

  • Indoor Harvest Gardens 1 year ago


  • Shawn Klemmer 1 year ago

    Thanks for the sub. Right back at ya 🙂

  • Indoor Harvest Gardens 1 year ago

    Use deeper totes and only about 2 plants per bucket. I'm building another one that is much deeper for peppers and tomatoes.