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Want more confidence growing indoors? Sign up here ? Get the top recommended DWC Hydroponic System here ? Subscribe for more! ? It’s easy to setup a deep water culture system because it is not tricky but certain details are easy to miss. A deep water culture set up, or DWC, is a hydroponic system that’s so easy to put together that people overlook the maintenance. Check out the video and see what it takes to run a deep water culture hydroponic system. No real DWC instructions needed either! Find your grow lights, tents, and setup ? ? Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemUnder Current Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System: animated walkthroughHow to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Systemrecirculating deep water culture hydroponic grow systemCheap Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemGROWING WEED IN A HYDROPONIC SYSTEM – DWC (DEEP WATER CULTURE)

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  • just bud 2 years ago

    what if i cant use ro water? would ph.ed water not be ok?

  • Fred Dee 2 years ago

    Wouldn't the frozen water cool the rez down too much??

  • Smokin Mckenze 2 years ago

    Dude. This guy here is. the. man. Ive never subscribed to any channels since the existence of youtube until i started growing and this was the first. Great videos and comparisons . Keep em coming . Knowledge is power.?

  • Flint 2 years ago

    can you do hydroponic self watering ??

  • Flint 2 years ago

    if outdoor growing deep water culture do you still need ice for colding ??

  • Turtleseedswhale s 2 years ago

    i have a water culture system pretty similar to this. How would i change the water???

  • dennis bride 2 years ago

    What media should I use in my dwc being a beginner, and what media should I use for my 2, 10 pot drip system still being a beginner, both were bought from you so I figured you would be best to ask. And what would coco be used for.?

  • SORCelement 2 years ago

    That's actually a pretty good way to chill your bucket without an actual chiller. Chillers are pretty expensive and if you grow on a budget, using something as simple as a frozen water bottle is pretty genius. I'd say the only thing to keep in mind is to use smaller bottles unless you're growing in a larger reservoir. Otherwise, great video and thanks for the tips!?