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The Kratky Method was first published in a paper in 2009 by B.A. Kratky, and describes a beautiful method of growing plants in a non-circulating hydroponic system. It’s a very simple, yet effective, way to grow plants hydroponically. Great for leafy greens like lettuce, kale, spinach, and a variety of herbs. I’ve even seen people do Kratky tomatoes or Kratky cucumbers, though I haven’t grown them myself (yet)! Resources for this video: → The Original Paper: -→ 5 Gallon Bucket: → Net Pots: → Hydroponic Nutrients: More on the Kratky Method: → Learn to grow your own food: → Join our worldwide gardening community: → Gardening Equipment I Use: → Hydroponic nutrients: → Simple pH testing kit: → Fancy pH testing pen: Reviews of my favorite gardening products: → Epic Gardening on Social Media: → Instagram: → Pinterest: → Facebook: → Twitter: Related PostsHow the Kratky Method of Hydroponics WorksOff the grid hydroponics: the Kratky methodHydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test | #4Hydroponics Homemade Growing System | Kratky Method | Chocolate Bhutlah | Nutrient Test |How to Set Up an Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System (Tutorial)hydroponic gardening how to grow Salvia in Water | kratky method |Indian Hydroponics

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    Is it possible to combine hydroponic and aerobonic?

  • Jay Dee 7 months ago

    Wouldn’t the nutrient solution get too concentrated as the water levels drops?? Like your PPM would go through the roof. And then there’s the pH!

  • brian torres 7 months ago

    How often do you change out the plant?

  • Nadeem Ahmed 7 months ago

    You didn't mention the light and temperature requirements.

  • Afikile Sikwebu 7 months ago

    Will be starting today thanks for the video. Got everything but I bought seeds instead of seedlings

  • igor bolsheviks 7 months ago

    for lettuce, what should be the proper depth of water if my grow bed is 4' by 8'?

  • Christian Heiden 7 months ago


  • Christian Heiden 7 months ago

    Hello! I am a founder of a non-profit using hydroponics in Haiti! I would love to chat with you on this method of farming! Is there anyway to contact you that I can use?

  • C Gueldner 7 months ago

    I just planted a whole bunch of Jiffy pellet starters. Can you use these in the Kratky method?

  • C Gueldner 7 months ago

    Can you please suggest how I could do this with lettuce using 2 liter bottles without cutting into the bottles. I want to plant lettuce in them.

  • Disciple Dad 7 months ago

    Other soil mediums??

  • soilenvideot 7 months ago

    I have been growing plants by this method since early -80! Kratky is just a new name to this old method named passivehydro.

  • Harri Suryana 7 months ago

    Thanks want ask u quest what diff betw kratky method n dutch bucket system

  • Henry Collins 7 months ago

    thanks!! total beginner. what lights should i get ?

  • EdgeSanity13 7 months ago

    This is absurd. Did sticking a plant in water and NOT using an air stone really warrant its own name? I'm pretty sure people have doing this since the beginning of time.

  • Penny Giller 7 months ago

    Egptians used this method on riverbeds cut with floating sod….such an old method that has come around again and again…

  • John Gerstner 7 months ago

    I'm using 10 gallon totes using the kratky method and Masterblend as my nutrient solution. i'm getting root rot on alot of my plants and wondering if its something I'm doing wrong or something I should be doing but not. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dark Energy HOTEP 7 months ago

    Kevin, This rocks I am going to start one this weekend.

  • Mayur Shah 7 months ago

    Thanks for the video. I have started some tomato seedlings in 3" net cups with clay pebbles. They are around 10 days old and 1 or 2 true leaves appear on them. I am doing it krtaky in small plastic jar. The roots are not coming out of the net cup. The nutrient solution is just touching the bottom of the net cup. What could be the issue?

  • Hallucinogenichusky 7 months ago

    you need to add some bleach to the water to keep put bacteria.
    they call this deep water culture