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If you want more info on getting a Tower Garden, please email me at Join Jack’s website: and get all his recipes, videos, write him and order his products. Plus submit your own recipes. Jack’s motto is “Do God’s work and He will do your work!” Cooking With Jack – Jack on the Go – Facebook Page: Jack’s online recipe library: Jack’s sauces at: WING WARS: BURGER WARS: TACO WARS: PIZZA WARS: G+ Page: Jack Scalfani has been involved in Entertainment industry his whole life. Dj’ing nightclubs, Radio Disc Jockey, Artist Management and now Youtube Producer/Talent and has his own line of sauces, seasoning and beef jerky sold across America. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTower Gardens – FOOD GARDENINGEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningThe Easiest Way to PH Balance Your Tower Garden – real food. real life.Tower Garden Aeroponic Home Vertical Food ForestGarden Tower Review – Peppers and Tomatoes + Joining the Food is Free Movement

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  • Norma Dutcher 9 months ago

    Be sure to send me your next video. I just watched the set up. Looks very easy and wonder where you placed it. and first time to see the lights included. I may order this one depending on the price. I like the easy clean set up.

  • Paleo Woman 9 months ago

    I do remember this! I want one so much!

  • Bonsai Talk 9 months ago

    One of the coolest things ive seen… im getting ideas now.

  • Darren Anton 9 months ago

    Cool but…WAY Overpriced you can make you own for a lot less then that

  • Jennifer Muncy 9 months ago

    Are you from Tennessee ?! Go vols!!! *knoxville Tn here *

  • Sam cardon 9 months ago

    The sound of the water running would make me want to "Find a Restroom" every time I passed it,,,,,

  • Richard Scarlett 9 months ago

    never knot electrical cords. Its not good for the wiring. These towers are nice but WAY overpriced for what you could DIY build your self. There is also a design flaw in the net cup design? It looks like you have to fight with getting the net cup in position and really fight maybe disassemble sections of tower to remove them because part of the cup lip is under the tower section. There are plenty of examples on youtube.

  • Tim Beisly 9 months ago

    supercool gonna check this out when I get a chance I could use a couple of these I guessing this could be placed out side or indoors correct?

  • VirtualLife 9 months ago

    Nice, even has support for 4 lights, providing light from every possible angle for every plant.

  • Dee-Va Creations 9 months ago

    pretty cool …

  • Matsy LR 9 months ago

    Whats the point when all that stuff costs more than it would it buy the produce normally? seen the cost of that thing? its ridiculous…

  • robin 9 months ago

    For me it is the

  • rarecoolitems 9 months ago

    Will you make recipes with vegetables you have grown yourself. Will they taste different

  • Nichole Koonce 9 months ago

    looks like a cool thing to use!!

  • Roger L. 9 months ago

    Really like the Tower Gardens. Can't wait for more videos of it.

  • Grandpa Bill 9 months ago

    And the total Cost of this one tower is?!?!?!?!

  • mason mandolfo 9 months ago

    Great video. Keep us updated! 🙂

  • Hawker5796 9 months ago

    Looks awesome Jack! Reckon It'll replace a regular garden? Lol