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A flood and drain hydroponic system (aka ebb and flow) is a cost effective setup for any indoor gardener planning on scaling their production. Watch how to make your own hydroponic system in a few easy steps! This is the easiest ebb and flow setup instructions. Find the perfect hydro system at ► For deals, updates, and special offers, please visit us!: Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics DIY: Build A Flood And Drain / Ebb and Flow Hydroponic SystemHow To Set Up Hydroponics Flood and Drain System (Ebb and Flow)How to set up an Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain Hydroponics Growing System – PART 1 of 6Hydroponic Flood & Drain Basic RundownHydroponic – Flood & Drain Basic Rundown4 DIY Hydroponics Systems (Rotating Garden, Ebb Flow Flood & Drain, Arduino Controller, Mini Tanks)

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  • tv76g 1 year ago

    hope you can help? I need to get a flood table for my 4×4 tent. will a 4×4 table fit perfect or do i need to get a smaller table like a 3×3 to compensate for the lip around the tray? need to get as much room out of my table. Thanks!

  • dodge rt 1 year ago

    please contact me i have a product you would be very intrestid we have a predone flood table with a buit in res

  • Aken Fernando 1 year ago

    Hello! I have one question for you.. +GrowAce

    If I use timer for my Flood and Drain system, How long should it be on and off? or maybe it's not needed?
    Because I use PVC pipe but still it has Overflow pipe.

    So for example; The pump will be on at 06:0009:00 then off until 18:0021:00 it will be on again.
    What do you think? Please help me 😀

    Thank you and its great to see your vid! Its easy and fun to watch
    Regards, Aken

  • joshua allo 1 year ago

    this video is good quality and he knows what he is talking about. this was the only good video on ebb and flow that I have seen sor far. and you can see what this guy is really doing!

  • Gabriel Engram 1 year ago

    sooo yah we totally would like a step by step video explaining how to build an automated flood and drain system. if you could also give any ideas on how to over come the issues of a low ceiling, since the reservoir being under the flood tray adds a bit of height. Hit that like button!