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Poovaali: Ways to set fruit and vegetable garden on the terrace Herbs are used for food, flavoring, medicine, or perfume. some times distinguishes herbs using for spices. Plant the seeds in gardens or in small pots. It should be keep in sunny position and well-drained soil. we should keep well watered to the plant. They should be pruned regularly to encourage bushing. NEWS 7 TAMIL facebook: twitter: Video Rating: / 5 Aiko visits her ojiisan’s (Grandpa’s) vegetable garden, where he grows soramame (broad bean), naganegi (leek), piiman (green pepper), naganegi (onion), kyuuri (cucumber), suica (watermelon), okura (okura) and jagaimo (potato). Her ojjisan drives 13km to get to his garden plot that he rents outside of Tokyo city in the prefecture of Chiba. Aiko then cooks and eats the soramame. Music: Sweet Promise – Happy Guitar Background Music by Nicolai Heidlas Find out more about the episode and share your stories at Connect! Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLearn about creating a Natural Pesticide for your Terrace Garden | Poovali | News7 TamilSuccessful Maadi Thottam (Terrace Garden) in Madipakkam | Step by Step | Poovali | News7 TamilMake your own organic fertiliser for your Terrace Garden | Poovali | News7 TamilLearn about TN Govt subsidy for setting up terrace gardens | Poovali | News7 TamilBenefits of organic terrace gardening | Poovali | News7 TamilBenefits of terrace gardening & how to create simply @ your home | Poovali | News7 Tamil

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  • Jagadeeswaran Natarajan 4 years ago

    எளிமையாக விளக்கம் தந்தமைக்கு நன்றி.

  • Tarulata Gandhi 4 years ago

    Can you speak in English

  • karthick vijayan 4 years ago

    need help how to start, how much cost and where I get all materials

  • Kanakaraj Kandhasamy 4 years ago

    mushroom seeds for sale 9486573306

  • Raji Vivek 4 years ago

    1. you can also use Neem oil extract or neem leaf grounded for pesticide. It is natural and harmless to plants & people.
    2. plant Marigold flowers among the vegetables to repell insects. You can also use, Lavender, Mint planting near other vegetables to repell insects.

  • sikkander mps 4 years ago

    மொட்டை மாடித் தோட்டத்திற்கு மண் தான்.ஆனால் அடிப்படை ஆனால் நகர்ப்புறங்களில் மண் எங்கு,எப்படி பெறுவது என்பது சிரமமான விஷயம் , ஆர்வம் இருந்தாலும் இது போல் பிரச்சனை களுக்கு ஒரு வழி காட்டுதல் இருந்தால் அதிகம் பேர் ஈடுபடுவார்கள் .

  • IglooDweller 4 years ago

    I imagine one would really come to appreciate food when they grow it themselves.

  • littlemissmakeup075 4 years ago

    once u have the board bean out the pod and cooked u gone need to peel them anymore :)

  • soulnova 4 years ago

    I love this video! I'm just starting my own vegetable pot garden and this only made me wish I could plant everything like her grandpa. :D

  • is it so difficult to be civil 4 years ago

    Could you ask Aiko's grandpa, or maybe someone here would know.. Can leeks be planted around other vegetables to help them from getting bugs also, or is it just with cucumbers?

  • Shufei 4 years ago

    Grandpa has good horticultural practice, guilding the leeks.

  • akhila nanda 4 years ago

    you can eat the peel too.

  • Angélique VUILMET 4 years ago

    Aiko, your videos are very interesting and cute. You give us the will to discover Japan (sorry for my english… I am french) ^^
    Thank you !!

  • Jesse Lynn 4 years ago

    You have the most adorable kids! They remind me so much of my little cousins.

  • meli sol 4 years ago

    here in the u.s. they are already shelled and we can buy them dry and boil them or buy them frozen and boil them.

  • meli sol 4 years ago

    in mexico quite often people roast lots of them on a fire then toast them and then salt them and then break of the peal with their teeth and eat them or suck on them to soften them…mostly just find a way to crush them with their teeth…a good way to loose tooth fillings. ;)

  • Serly Rachmadani Hamid 4 years ago

    that broad bean in Indonesia called kacang koro hahahaha

  • Juliana Finamore 4 years ago

    I am really enjoying the videos… love the channel, congrats for the great job. Greetings from UK.

  • flyingbear Hong 4 years ago Just see this, and got here.
    i love all ur videos. it's awesome~

  • Nepurr 4 years ago

    I adore these videos ♡ She is so cute!!

  • Laviang Clampitt 4 years ago

    she is too adorable keep making food videos

  • Haslina07-Desu 4 years ago

    Ojiisan and Aiko so adorable!!!!

  • 3auka88 4 years ago

    It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!

  • Allison Croft 4 years ago

    Thank you Aiko , thank you Dad and thank you Shoko . Great videos . Bless you , bless Japan and bless Canada … a big fan from Iraq .