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  • Casey Christian 1 year ago

    nice idea taking time and putting framing square underneath…maybe look into California valley with a bleeder shingle

  • wetbackmateo 1 year ago

    Bobby, thank you sir! You have a great way of explaining methods of installation and reasoning as well. Your videos are thorough and positive and have helped me prepare for my upcoming roofing project. Again-Thanks!

  • Justin Patalsky 1 year ago

    I lovvvve Roofing

  • Tim Cardenas 1 year ago

    run shingles down the valley an shingle up to it

  • YoYO Semite 1 year ago

    I've watched this several times Bobby and it is late and I am tired, but I still could not figure how how you're laying out the valley. Is the bottom of the valley cut closer to the center and flared out up top, or is it flared out going down? Swell as it goes down, what does that mean? Your pointing around some white mark at the top, saying measure over 1.5", which way? then point with the pencil about 1/2", I am very confused.

  • Dasdfjkl 1 year ago

    Some how the valley shingles need to be sealed so debris and bugs don't accumulate and rot underneath them and keeping water under the shingles. Otherwise the valley will fail in a few years and the leak will not seem like it is from the valley.

  • Dasdfjkl 1 year ago

    The roofers I had skipped the step of putting tar under the valley shingles and it sprung a leak. Shouldn't the valleys have flashing installed so they don't fail after a couple years?

  • techgardener 1 year ago

    Great advice!

  • Luis Carlos 1 year ago

    good video thanks

  • Louie Louie 1 year ago

    You need to cut the TOP of those shingles as well..After you cut the angle you should come in 4-6" and cut a notch from that corner..A framing square for a roof valley? Where the hell do you NON ROOFERS come from? This is a good lesson for a doll house roof, certainly not very profitable the real roofing industry… Wow, just WOW!!

  • Doug Raybould 1 year ago

    hey very simply put and great video thanks man

  • Mark Hepworth 1 year ago

    THE ABSOLUTE BEST description of how to cut valley shingles and why!!  Thanks for the recommendation.

  • AugustusLarch 1 year ago

    Using metal snips on shingles is much easier.

  • 99scholz 1 year ago

    i personally think you do excellent work nice job.

  • Chris McDonald 1 year ago

    if your wrist and forearm are strong enough, you can angle your hook blade knife so you do not cut the underlaying shingle. Secondly, I'd like to see you use a framing square on a 6/12 pitch or above, there is no room for it, besides it being a dangerous object to have on the roof. Personally use a shingle and a firm grip. Applying tar is over kill, unless it is in very shaded area. The shingles have sealing strips built into them.

  • joshyyy8 1 year ago

    There is nothing wrong with a closed cut valley, that is a very good job, I always respect someone who takes pride in there work, very rare now a days 

  • Johnny Hurst 1 year ago

    napoleonthebassmasta. What your not supposed to do closed cut with those shingles? Yeah I think you should readup my friend its perfectly fine. I like how you cut the shingles to create a gulley and even dub your shingles. However I just pop a line after Ive laid then then cut with the hook blade raising the shingles slightly and pulling the blade not driving into the one below. Ok video I just NEVER assault a shingle roof with any roofing cement because if you ever have to take it back apart from falling branch etc you have to destroy everything the tar has touched. thumbs up bro

  • Patrick Moss 1 year ago

    Wow you must make no money doing valleys like like that, I'll show you how its done bro. 

  • minthillbilly 1 year ago

    You should watch GAF's valley video. The closed cut valley is the only type they will accept for the lifetime warrenty to be honored. Thanks for your comments

  • minthillbilly 1 year ago

    Thank you for your replies!