In this video I show you the basics of roofing. I do this on my shed but these basic principals can be applied to your house as well.

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How to Roof A Shed | Easy Step By Step Instructions!

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  • Steve R

    Drip edge needs goes under the felt paper on the eves and on top of the felt paper on the gable ends. Pull the drip edge away about 1/4” . I like to nail the top 1/3 -1/2 of the drip edge.

  • Chris Giles

    Good video good volume light sound etc but we put the fascia drip metal under the roof paper with a start strip having an exposed tar strip. The strips running to the peak goes over paper and then water can cascade.

  • Icehso140

    2x4s clamped to the facia is a great idea to save the drip metal from getting bent by the ladder. Makes a solid standoff for extension ladder. Good video.

  • John Fulling

    Great vid job. Thanks. I'm going to give it a crack. My first. Actually, I tried to fix a flat roof on a place I had several years ago, and it didn't go well; leaked at the first rain (house, not shed). I like the idea of a continuous strip for a leader edge. With help from this video, and some others, I'm a goin' at it now.

  • Lynn Jones

    So, I’m a 65yo widow and nobody to help me and no contractors who are interested in such a small job. I’m going to fix my shed roof myself, and this video makes me think I can do it.

  • Martin Super

    Really stupid question. I am building a hunting blind and don't want to lose heat. Should I not do the ridge vent then?

  • Left Handed Archer

    I’ve done a couple sheds and well houses. I’m considering doing my house kinda on the fence to do it myself or pay to have it done

  • jimiOvideo

    Thanks for the video, as a novice, I had no trouble shingling my 10'x12' shed…. Just had the house roofed, and had the roofer leave me enough to do the job…just needed some dripedge and nails. You made it easy to follow and understand…….did the entire project in 2 days….and would revert back to your video for clarification, etc… Thanx again!!

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