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TheCousinDan shows you how to recover a dashboard with new vinyl. Restore old cars and trucks with this handy skill! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts138T Shingle Recover VideoDYING LIGHT CEASE AND DESIST recover erolls duffle bagDIY Vinyl Fence Post Hanging Planter BoxesSingleply TPO Recover (Before and After)Crews recover body of worker killed in flooded trenchB2Green Expo Interview with Recover Green Roofs

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  • nanocalp 1 year ago

    Duuuude post which exact vinyl leather you bought please!

  • Muzafar Qadir 1 year ago

    thanks alot good job realy

  • Wouter Droeshaut 1 year ago

    Hey man!
    I repaired my Renault Megan with your tricks.
    Now he looks brand new again.
    Tnx a lot man!

  • Cool Car Video 1 year ago

    Nice Job!!!

  • chetty mo 1 year ago

    nice damn job!!!

  • choochootrayn 1 year ago

    When I first started watching, I'll admit I was thinking this was going to be some driveway hack job. Nice job, major props to you!

  • Dawud D 1 year ago

    looks fking awesome good job

  • vigoshaw 1 year ago

    What kind of glue did you use?

  • Alsondos 2005 1 year ago

    good job thank you
    how much leather we need to cover the dashboard
    greeting to you again

  • Jeffrey Nelson 1 year ago

    Nice. I may try that with my '60 Caddie.

  • Joseph Dunn 1 year ago

    Great instructional!

  • Jerk Jiggler 1 year ago

    good job dude, looks great!!

  • My Damn Channel 1 year ago

    Looks good man.

  • MEEP 1 year ago

    how fitting that its on a 944! i just got myself one and there's a crack on the dash, gonna use this tutorial!

  • Paul Cooper 1 year ago

    thanks for the post it will help me with my door arm rest of my 98 concorde

  • Omario Douglas 1 year ago

    i like it.. i wish i can find someone that can work it all out like this

  • NISSAN ZX 1 year ago

    Hello that glue that you are using where can i buy it to fix my dashboard ?

  • lucky jjiim 1 year ago

    Nice! You make it look easy.

  • Tony Hickson 1 year ago

    good result

  • aalewis98 1 year ago

    Much easier to remove the dash from the car. Good job though!