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You can find these blocks at Home Depot. Notes for those looking for quick info: Wood: 2” x 12ft (or 10ft) x 1ft boards Blocks: Planter wall blocks from home depot Base floor: No need to dig the ground deeper unless you’re not putting the garden soil on top of other soil, or the dirt your putting the garden on is hard as cement. If it is, dig it up a little just to soften maybe 1” of the top layer for drainage. Garden Height: 1ft.. hotter climate? Go 2ft Wood to use: More natural woods, don’t use anything painted or treated with chemicals Soil: Use any garden soil at home depot lowes etc. Put dirt in box and water it to settle it. Add soil if needed. Let dirt sit one day then water again and plant seeds Lastly.. use a gopher screen. You can get cheap chicken wire or a mesh wire from Home depot. They sell it in the lumber area, lay that down and put soil over that. You will keep gophers out Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Wall Planter Build – Decomid Woodworking #7How to build a raised vegetable garden with Besser blocksThe Wall Planter – It will Transform Any Vertical Surface – Easy Fill Hanging BasketVertical Succulent Wall Planter In Quick Easy StepsDIY Vertical Planter using a Hamper?!? How to make a vertical tower garden quick and easyDIY vertical succulent garden, Succulent garden in India, vertical succulent wall planter, Ask Iosis

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  • Artem Kalenchuk 6 months ago

    I'm sure the best wood makers instructions is on woodprix website.

  • Fergus 6 months ago

    This is so awesome… you don't have to stack timbers — you just buy the length of lumber you want and slide it in.

  • Shivaji Datta 6 months ago

    For a non-handy person, this was the one video that put a stop on my search on making easy raised beds 🙂 Thanks a lot for the tip!

  • Redeemed Believer 6 months ago

    $2.54 at my homedepot — wonders about making my own

  • Heidi bar 6 months ago

    Thanks. I just bought these blocks a few days ago 🙂

  • redhen689 6 months ago

    I bought some of those blocks last summer. I really like them. I used composite 2X6 boards so I didn't have to worry about the wood rotting. I'm going to put capping on mine. See this video made by the manufacturer: You have a nice looking garden!

  • david sanders 6 months ago

    wow. work smarter not harder, and for $2. Absolutely. thanks for the video

  • Joe Negrete 6 months ago

    You said you doubled the block. how deep did you dig/grade the ground floor. I'm looking to do this next weekend. was at Depot this afternoon looking at prices for this project

  • Michelle Clements Davis 6 months ago

    RoadTripVidz, Great idea thank you. Had couple of questions, could you do an update video of what it looks like now, and have you planted anything in it yet? What size was Douglas fir? Did you plant more boxes adjacent to this one? Where did you find this idea from? We appreciate any updated information thank you, Michelle

  • Williams Justin 6 months ago

    Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  • Shannon Bridges 6 months ago

    I did this…was so easy and worked great!

  • Huck Outdoors 6 months ago

    saw those at home depot last time I was there. they're nice. you can build a lot with them