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How to Properly Feed Marijuana Plants Nutrients and Correct the PH Levels – General Hydroponics In this video we will show you our custom recipe for nutrient’s. Learn how to properly feed your marijuana plants. Also learn how to set the PH in your water. We use General Hydroponics Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRemo Nutrients and Roots Organic General Hydroponics9 Medical Marijuana Plants Flowering Under 15 LIGHTS!!! The Best hydroponic nutrients ever!FEEDING NUTRIENTS TO MARIJUANA PLANTS! – BLOOM YELLOW BOTTLES ORGANIC NUTRIENTSHow to Mix Hydroponic Nutrients – Masterblend & General Hydroponic Flora SeriesThe Best Cannabis Nutrient Feeding Schedule– General Hydroponics — Better Than The Lucas Forumla!Top Feed Drip Hydroponics

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  • Cloudy WithKush 1 year ago

    How to properly feed hydroponic plants, doesnt show it.

  • Tree 1 year ago

    W… T… F?

  • Asa Gutierrez 1 year ago

    If I'm using hydroponics and the tub is 18 g do I add on that scale?

  • Y U N G J I M M Y 1 year ago

    I'm usin advanced nutrients ph perfect micro,grow,bloom. now my plants in 6-7 weeks flowering time, but i run out my nutes. I've bought General Hydroponics Flora. is okay to use new nutes???

  • blue widow 1 year ago

    Thanks for the info is those 3 as good as the general organics box or are general organics box better

  • HOYCBB 1 year ago

    This guy is crazy. You will kill them all! LOL

  • Groundskeeper Willie 1 year ago

    1 teason = 5 mill us pretty much?

  • HardlineAthiest 1 year ago


  • Silent Nomore 1 year ago

    this advice will burn the crap out of many strains…good products , just be careful…

  • Franky Drexler 1 year ago

    so how much ph low do we add to the spray solution, you only added 0.2ml of ph down in the testing vile, how bout the spray solution?? The video was cut!!

  • M D. 1 year ago

    now is all of that added in flowering??? seems like all of that would hurt plants that are still in veg.

  • Bob Saget 1 year ago

    How to grow terrible tasting bud, use GH buy it now for the low price of I Don't Give a Fuck…


    oh its a "badboy" spank it like aboss crinnnnnnnnge

  • Silent Nomore 1 year ago

    these will burn some strains especially in flower , some others love it ,but if your seeing burnt tips cut back after a three day flush , cut to half . micro and grow add up to alot of nitrogen

  • Dave Henderson 1 year ago

    you should be doing this on a full gallon right? that bottle is like 32 oz

  • Gerry K 1 year ago

    General Hydroponics is old school junk food! Try Remo!  It goes a lot futher than GH junk with much better results!

  • ArcadeMAD 1 year ago

    whata ho' lotta talk bout nuttin. search "growboss" on youtube.

  • Ryan Hunt 1 year ago

    color pH indicator kits are good for ballpark estimates but typically contain an error of +/-1.0 pH on the 0-14 scale. Better off buying a small pH probe for 20-30$ US where the error is reduced to +/-0.1, much more accurate for the cannabis enthusiast. Also, invest in some calibrating solution.

  • Grace Casper 1 year ago

    What's the mix for a liter

  • RAW Gaming 1 year ago

    With a gallon of nutrients how much should I water my 2 plants?? & how many times do i feed them???