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In today’s video, I wanted to show you the potential for starting a microgreens business. It’s pretty cool how much $ $ worth of product you can produce in a really small space.

To maximize your lights, the key is to focus only on varieties that can be finished with just 3.5 days under lights. And there are tons of varieties you can do this with. My farm and online course is based on this system and growing crops that can be finished in 3.5 days.


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How to produce $800 worth of microgreens in one week on one rack

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  • Sharon Reum

    Would it be possible to take this to Farmers Market here in Florida? It's so hot outside for not you the year and I'm not sure how I would keep the sprouts from wilting on the table at the Farmers Market. Most of the farmers markets here are Outdoors and you just set up a shelter tent covering

  • Victory IsMine

    He in TEXAS heat is often the problem for plants. What would you recommend for temperature control? Would you recommend a/c?

  • Floreypottery

    Been debating on starting one of these grows up along with certain hydroponic grows. we purchased a new house and I have 2 separate huge sections of basement probably 800 sq ft been thinking a lot lol I know some people who rKe in 10 grAnd plus a month after expenses but that’s all they do

  • Rhonda Oneal

    The closest grower to me is several counties over and the town I live in is as busy as a bee when it comes to wanting these micro greens, I had been paying 6.00 per tiny plastic snack size bag so I figured I may as well set up my own growing system. I posted on my local next door etc. and have a list of people waiting for them. These are people who eat healthy and want someone they can purchase from on a weekly basis. I also do juicing and have meetings set up to explain juicing and recipes etc. these will also work great for added to smoothies, salads and vegan meals. 30 people per scheduled meetings x 6 meetings on the books and that is 3600. profit right there for 6-1 hour meetings. Plus the micro greens and I have made a fair amount of money . Good thing about both is that I can grow all year round and have the meetings all year.

  • Saeed Asgari

    Guess what? If you find customer who are willing to pay 1000 usd per box then you can make 20k usd every week. Yeah buddy finding that regular sustainable customer is the problem not growing a week old microgreens

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