John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode, John will answer the following questions:
1. Have You Ever used Mushroom Compost? What are your thoughts on Mushroom Compost?
2. Have you tried using Tulle for insect protection?
3. Should soil be flushed to remove excess build up of nutrients and salts?
4. Should I fill my new Lifetime Composter with uncomposted material from my old composter?
5. Was I right to refuse my neighbors chemical fertilizer lawn clipping compost?
6. Have you found any bolt resistant varieties of Pak Choi? What do you suggest?
7. Do you have a suggestion on a ground cover that can out compete English Ivy?
8. What do you think about growing food in Styrofoam and old tires?
9. Can I put water grown sprouts in light and have them green up?
10. How can I prevent my neighbor from stealing my plants?
11. What are your round raised beds made of?
After watching this episode you will learn John’s answers to these questions and probably alot more about organic gardening as well.

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How to Prevent a Neighbor From Stealing Plants from Your Vegetable Garden and other Q&A

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  • Ov Elizondo

    John why have you not written a book??? Your knowledge would be incredible to learn! Please think about it!!! Your fan, Ov!

  • S Robin

    Stealing neighbor, sign them up for meals on wheels. Get a cheap security camera and show them their selves stealing. I got a security cam for 35. that records on a VCR years ago, I guess they have better technology now. But, try to shame the stealers. On the other hand, some people are just hungry, food is so expensive it is almost a luxury

  • Nathan Taffijn

    best way to stop people stealing your stuff is to not tell them you have that stuff in the first place!

  • EmileeArsenic

    Depending on where you are, a wall of poison ivy is a lesson in thievery that won't soon be forgotten.

    But seriously, raise that fence. Good fences make good neighbors.

  • Rebecca Conn

    Prickly pear grows well here, has stunning flowers, makes delicious fruit and greens, and provides habitat for little critters (watch for rattlesnakes adjacent). Makes a New Mexico version of England's hedgerows. I also have tree Cholla, which has edible fruit and stunning flowers as well. Hedgerows are edible, cost little or nothing, and make better neighbors. One neighbor decided to cut through to my driveway instead of maintaining (and widening) her own. What the heck? Three acres and she thinks she can use my five? When the gravel truck came up my driveway to run the extension, I ran him off. Tense conversation while she tried to convince me she had been using my driveway for years… I said no. I planted tree Cholla along that area. They are Smallwood, but no one is going to flatten their tires or scratch their vehicle paint going through. Later I gave her iris to smooth things over.

  • Rebecca Conn

    I like your practicality. I have gardened 50+ years, and people always want to know how to grow things that do not like the climate! I have endless seedlings and give them away.

  • Escape From NY

    One of the plants I LOVE most in the world is English Ivy. It's beautiful and hardy, easy to grow and when grown over a skeleton (of any type) it makes a great evergreen living fence. No, you can't eat it, but you don't have to eat everything in your yard. One or two beautiful and useful inedibles is okay.

  • Zyzyzx Zyzer

    WE are ALL like mushroom compost. Let me explain. We are ALL kept in the dark and fed shit and if you don't want to hear or see it anymore…bag it.

  • R Verro

    Yeah ! My advice for a pesky neighbor would be to offer him some plants and steal from him. Not only that. I would knock on his door with a handful of HIS produce and thank him for the freebies. Gotta have some decency in life. Right ?

  • Alex Jamieson

    the tiny amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are probably fine, because it is in very small amounts, and already in a plant.

  • Richard Brown

    I'm lucky I live 10 miles from Monterrey mushrooms east coast plant here in Eustis FL. Good price on the compost. It only cost me 10.00 Dollars a truck load. Works great in my garden. I mix it with my old soil mix from the previous planting. The only factor is the stink factor. I have to plan it out just right as I have neighbors so I have to get it during the cool season or wait till the snowbirds leave and go home then I have no one around me for a few months.

  • SithSereyPheap1

    I'm also going to grow some real mean cactuses along the fences and maybe even add some poison oaks and ivy along the fences also.If that still dont work,i will release a couple of Rotweilers into the yard to prevent plants theft…

  • SithSereyPheap1

    Somebody had been stealing my Sago Palms dude ! They actually came into my garden and carried off my Sago Palms.Now i gotta get a surveillance camera…..

  • Jerry Perry

    You can put up a sign that the plants are sprayed with pesticide. Will discourage some people. Or if you like high tech why not put a chip on your plant that sends radio signals. Then you can track it down. If it's a tomato plant then build a device that looks like a tomato. For instance a microphone so you can hear your neighbors laughing at you 🙂

  • jasbir kaur

    can you plz tell the address and phone no. of the shop in Delhi from where you seeds. I will be thankful.

  • Shashi n Gautam - Kitchen Gardeners

    10 minute me itni sari jankari. Well made video. Jameen me uge paudhe की sehat rangat alag hi hoti he. Gamle me sabzi ugane ke liye Mitti ka khas dhyan rakhna padta hai.

  • Usha Punj

    Vijay saini ji aapki plants par kaafi achhi jankaari hai aap jo seeds use karate hain unmein fool aorfal Bari jaldi aa gae vo aap Lagan se lets hain or ornamental leaf kaise salad ke beej kahan se mil skate hain

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