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►Learn more awesome urban gardening techniques at In this hydroponics tutorial for beginners, learn how to set your water up for a hydroponic gardening project. There are some important things you need to consider when preparing your water, so check the video out to learn more! Follow Epic Gardening: Blog: Shop: Forums: Facebook: Twitter: Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic Gardening“Deep Water Culture Tutorial” by Epic Gardening“Urban Gardening Ideas?” by Epic GardeningHow To Germinate Seeds & Prepare them for Hydroponics“Easy Seed Starting for Hydroponics” by Epic Gardening“Build a Hydroponic Herb Garden for Cheap!” by Epic Gardening

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  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    tap water is too acidic an chlorine

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    if some ome do not have that can used well water or rain water an if the ph too righ used some lemon juice

  • Stacie Rouse 1 year ago

    how do you determine the proper ppm for each plant?

  • No2TheNWO 1 year ago

    I strongly don't recommend pouring your ph test fluid in the water your using to grow.

  • Jeremiah “Primordial Pedagogue” Langston 1 year ago

    You Ph adjust your water after you add nutrients… The nutrients solution may be acidic or basic, and will drive changes in the PH of your substrate… It's pointless to Ph adjust prior to adding all of your nutrient constituents.

  • conor coleman 1 year ago

    I personally would always ph after nutes go in think most people would agree no disrespect on what your at lol

  • Matty Wil 1 year ago

    advice: never pour the water you're testing back into your resevoir, don't use your resevoir to rinse things, and if you're making a video about phing water don't show the vile over an orange bucket, it would've made sense to hold it over the white counter top to show the color indicating the ph. another note, don't mix GH nutes at full strength until your girls are about 18" or taller or you will end up burning them.

  • John Hamilton 1 year ago

    Please get rid of all GH products , has be bought by Scotts and its all junk…

  • thundercookie 1 year ago

    thanx bro … very informative

  • Diane Matheson 1 year ago

    The only thing I saw is that each nute wasnt mixed individually. There also wasnt enough time in between each additional nutrient. I was always taught to mix each nute, stir, wait a minute or 2, then add the next one to ensure each is dissolved properly. One more thing is that i found it a waste of pH solution to check it before AND after. The end result typically is what you want, so ive always waited until after my nutes were added to adjust the pH. this is simply to save pH solution though. helpful video for beginners for sure.

  • skateking303 1 year ago

    mix it up here, I have this kitchen spatula or spoon…. lololololol

  • Thewicked 1 year ago

    dont check your PH till after you add your fertilizer cause it will go up or down some times depending on what type you use.

  • 1vrsc 1 year ago

    Adjust PH after you add nutrients. Adding the nutes changes the PH. I have found my tap water a bit high (7-8) and adding the nutrients brings the PH down. He did not even check the PH after he added the nutrients.

  • John Chisholm 1 year ago

    can you ph your solution at the end of adding your nutrients to the water or do you have to ph the water before adding the nutrients?

  • Duray Red 1 year ago

    just use bottle water. from walmart nothing major. its automatically around 6

  • Billy Bolox 1 year ago

    Maybe do the honourable thing and delete vid. Glad I read comments.

  • Will nonya 1 year ago

    So how long dose a bucket of mixed nutrients like that last? one week? Two weeks? a couple of days?

  • curly sue 1 year ago

    Is that tap water in the bucket? any recommendations on where to find/buy RO Water? I heard Wallmart might sell it there's not one even close to me. Is there a Recipe on the back of the nutrients bottles on how to achieve the right mix for different size containers right? I will be using Mason jars for now, since I'm new and don't want to construct a big hydroponic garden yet at least until I have perfected my growth method. Great vid tho!

  • chandra0102 1 year ago

    Adding nutrients can change the PH value of the water;  so, it's better to check and adjust the PH value AFTER you have added the required nutrients.  .

  • djaiseman 1 year ago

    Who else is here to grow some nice cannabis plants?