See full grown plants on my towers here:

I’m growing two new varieties for FL: ‘Radiance’ and ‘Sensation’. I’m excited!

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How to Plant Strawberries in Your Tower Garden

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  • pilottbaldwin

    Hello – Thank you for the great videos. Very helpful. Have you ever tried growing garlic in your towers or have you ever heard of others doing this? I'm looking at possibly growing garlic as a small cash crop but haven't found anyone growing garlic this way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Keep the videos coming! :)

  • Jennifer Acklen

    just planted a tower garden with sweet charlies can't wait to see how they do. 
    Planted letuce at the top thought they would take up less space, may have to move it so they get full sun in stead of the evening sun. 

  • smulligan0

    Hi Leah.  I am in Ocala and I left my strawberries in the tower as well.  I had just one parent plant and 6 or seven babies.  Back in June, I transferred the babies into their own basket and with the July and August heat, all by two babies died!  However, the parent plant survived and I have several babies ready to receive their own space!  I have lots of lettuces and herbs ready to go also! 

  • Over40pirate1217

    My lettuces are on the top of my Tower and Tomatoes and Cucs on the bottom. Will the strawberries grow in the middle? It's in a full sun location.

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