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Planting bulbs in a green roof is easy and rewarding. Start by choosing smaller species–which will have smaller bulbs–and time planting after the weather has cooled but before the ground is frozen. In northern temperate climates, late September to October are typically the best window for planting. Using a spade, fold back the green roof plants, which are typically Sedum selections, and place bulbs in clumps of 3 or 5 bulbs. Plant with the pointy side up and the flat side down. The stem comes out of the pointy end and the roots grow out of the flat end, so they need to be placed correctly to grow properly. When the bulbs are placed, simply fold the plants back over and pat them firmly into place. Then, all you need to do is wait until the following spring, when your bulbs will bloom beautifully. Contact LiveRoof – or 800-875-1392 – for more information. Video Rating: / 5 Green roofs The aim of a roof is to protect us from the effect of the weather. An ordinary roof fulfils those requirements perfectly. But other ways are also possible, for example by choosing a ‘green roof’. On a green roof, the coverage mainly consists of living plants. In fact, the name “green roof” is a little misleading, after all, this kind of roof does not really have to be green. And nor do the plants growing on it. For example, in the United Kingdom one talks of ‘brown roofs’. Naturally, plants solely as a roof covering are not sufficient. The basis used for the plants is crusially important. A correct basis with a suitable structure, a suitable substrate and the correct draining facilities are needed. In fact, a green roof could also be realised in an entirely natural way. The only […]


Green Roofs


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