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How to plant seedlings in a hydroponics system. Here I will show you how to plant seedlings in a homemade hydroponics DWC system Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Tomato Seedlings in DIY system T5 lightingTransfering Seedlings from Rockwool to Hydroponic SystemHow to plant shallots using the hydroponics systemHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubes

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  • Turtleseedswhale s 1 year ago

    so how do you change your water without damaging your roots??

  • Youdoober 1 year ago

    I love your Zoobas' Bro. Great Vid thank you!?

  • Sons_of_Liberty 1 year ago

    do you keep your plants in that same container for the whole grow or do you transfer them to their own DWC buckets once they reach a certain height??

  • Amdy amey.cahya 1 year ago

    Oke!and good?

  • Margaret J. Raftery 1 year ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you have to buy "plant food" or nutrients and supplements that are high-priced.?

  • Elizabeth Clayton 1 year ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you will need to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be pricey.?

  • Shian Simpson 1 year ago

    @Gogo you leave them in?

  • setroc cortes (1331hydroherp) 1 year ago

    this is only going to make it more difficult for the actual seedling to grow since the hydroton is blocking the path for the roots to reach under and into the water. you should have the rockwool with seedling at the bottom of the net pot and the water level a bit lower with the air pump and air stone bubbling into it and giving nutrients when running. then put hydroton around it…. otherwise your method will be taking everything for the seedling to reach more water.?

  • rs101ful 1 year ago

    Would this also work if your seedling is in a 2" soil container?

  • Chris Zano 1 year ago

    How often do you change your water and nutrients?

  • michael dahoud 1 year ago

    Good video mate. Thanks.

  • Odessa W. McCarroll 1 year ago

    You really can build the garden that does not need weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or garden compost, and no watering or irrigating; all when your vegetables generate up to 10x the amount of fresh vegetables than plants from a dirt garden.

  • Wait What? 1 year ago

    I can re use those rock pellets and rock wool right?
    Im new to hydroponics

  • Rosa negron 1 year ago

    I had my seedlings in rockwool but because of the exposure to the sun they turn green on top and I do not know how to avoid this. Yours seems perfect. What did I do wrong? this occurred before I transplant them to the DWC

  • NIGHTSKYE1 1 year ago

    if you want to get better results you`ll need atleast two 6in circular ceramic air stones and a high output air pump in that tub of yours, i have 4 120lt tubs 12 plants per tub, and run 32 high power pumps, the micro air bubbles get right into the roots and yeilding around 30% more a grow.

  • September Cheung 1 year ago

    Would you tell me wt is the name of the fixing ball?thank you

  • JustinRenteria 1 year ago


  • JustinRenteria 1 year ago

    can you leave the plats untill they mature? i dont get it all of them are close together?

  • Mary J. Caballero 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot for your video.
    I also have the thorough step-by-step video instructions teaching how to build your very own homemade Aquaponic system. Its simple that even your granny can do it!
    Look at here to learn more:

  • Larry Hayes 1 year ago

    thats not hydroponic seeding. you have already grown your seedlings in rock wool.