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I share how I plant Irish or red potatoes and how to fertilize them for the highest yield. I have tried other ways without success. I expect to get about 80 lbs of potatoes from 4 lbs of seed potatoes that cost me .40. RESOURCES: – The Mittleider Gardening Course: – Natural Mineral Fertilizers: – Facebook Mittleider Gardening Group: – Garden Planting Details Sheet: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPlastic Flower Plant Pots Side by Side High Quality Wall Hanging Planter for Garden/Office Greening5 Effective Ways to Increase Plant YieldsThe Kids Learn To Plant Sweet Potatoes In The Garden | Homestead KidsSustainable High Altitude Gardening Education Course (SAGE)Money Plant Wall Hanging Ideas / Money Plant Decoration / Vertical Gardening IdeasDIY Clay Hanging Plant Pots EASY! | DIY Easy Planters with Clay!

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  • newutubeuzr 5 years ago

    how high are you able to earth up the plants in these shallow beds??

  • Farmer Dude357 5 years ago

    I hope my 2 cents helps you out. Do not use saw dust for garden uses, it must be properly composed down before use. It will very quickly acidic the soil. And also, do not use the whole potato for seed, unless there is only one eye on it. One plaint is what you want. Cut them in one eye pieces. Eight inches is too close. A foot or more.?

  • richfisherman 5 years ago

    Kind of shady hope it worked.?

  • 69furball69 5 years ago

    6 plus half of 6 is nine, not 8.?

  • Kennethe Miller 5 years ago

    Do you hill your

  • infoGIver 5 years ago

    Thank you?

  • Chris jones 5 years ago

    Have you though about trying to grow taters in coco coir??

  • Mitch Spurlock 5 years ago

    i'm sorry sir but I have seriously heard from organic farmers that they can get up to 40 lbs of potatoes off of one plant, you just have to have quality loose soil so once the potatoes are half grown you can cover them back over with more soil which will force them to fruit even more than normal?

  • Scott Engstrom 5 years ago

    Looks like you put a good deal of work into this, a little too much for me HAHA, but I can imagine you will have a great harvest. I hope you keep us update on this.

  • Hubert N 5 years ago

    city farmer?

  • I don't use facebook, where can I get that list??

  • The Liquid Gardener 5 years ago

    Where I live at potatoes are not cheap. At least I don't consider them cheap. They cost about a 1$ a pound?

  • Bill Kimp 5 years ago

    I am not impressed?

  • some reasons to grow potatoes:
    – potatoes eaten on the day of harvest are high in sugar and sweet tasting, 1 week later they are not so sweet…
    – you can store a zillion potatoes and never bother to go to the store for eons
    – keep culture alive, skills are being lost every day when old people die or people decide pressing buttons gets you food
    – pollution is low, many farms use fertilisers and fuels manufactured in ways that are harmful to environment
    – commercial growers often use toxic chemicals to supress pests
    – commercial breeding programs often don't produce foods that can reproduce properly in the wild, keep the heritage alive
    – you'll feel good walking around watching others complain about prices, when yours just magically refill every year…?

  • Karry Delagarza 5 years ago

    I don't like to criticize anybody's gardening but I have learnt from living in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina that compost mixed with chicken to if its broke down correctly because it's too strong to put on the garden when it's new works very well now when it comes to potatoes they do not like soft soil they grow great and clay or hard soil that holds moisture well they like to be healed and they like to be keep healing and they are very easy to grow they do not take a lot of time and gives plenty if spaced out correctly they get very big and they love lots of Sun this is from experience for having a garden the size of an acre the hardest thing I found to grow with scorn because of the worms?

  • Christopher Hobbs 5 years ago

    I could not catch the name of the gardening method, I an English from South Africa, could spell the name of the gardening method please. Christopher?

  • Gerald C 5 years ago

    just found out, —

  • Eric R 5 years ago

    discusting. why don't you just eat the fertilizer out of the bag rather than hiding it in vegitables. My garden is all organic no fertilizing because im not insecure about the growth of my plants, and every year is just as good as the last one. I always mix in vegetation/dried leaves

  • stephen Rogers 5 years ago

    hi i cannot find this planting guild can you give me the link to it

  • Tim Happe 5 years ago

    Thanks,for this info.?