DIY indoor gardening project.

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How to Plant an Indoor Hanging Herb Garden with Gina

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  • Sheila Bonneteau

    This will never work without drainage….sorry Miracle Grow but you are absolutely incorrect and people are wasting their money.
    Roots need water and oxygen to thrive – this will eventually drown your plants or cause a feast/famine situation because you can't water enough without smell, etc..
    A true DIY project would include a handy drip tray underneath that the plants can drain into and can be removed to empty.
    This project is not complete.?

  • Roland Lerma

    I followed each step carefully used same products but to my surprise when all my seedlings had popped out from the soil it was not my herbs of choice so i took it upon myself to continue growing this mystery plant and then one day i came home to a pungent smell coming from my garden so i investigate this matter to find my 15yr old son had replaced my seeds with marijuana seeds now my wife was gathered up with my son daughter and grandfather engaging in recreational narcotic use as well as a drum circle, thank you miracle grow ?

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