In this video I’ll show you how I plant some of my favorite summer vegetables, but this isn’t the only way, and it’s not necessary the “best way”, it’s just the ways that I’ve found works best for me. If you have any questions or comments feel free to share them below. Happy Gardening!




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How To Plant A Vegetable Garden

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  • tim williams

    This guy is great I love the way he's on the 555 ,mix an explains,. My wife and I live in Arizona so the North an south work it's the cover we need for the blasting sun .hey my wife and I like your tutorials please keep them up an.. most important be safe and thank you for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours

  • Annette

    Thanks for the great content. How wide are your tomato beds? I know you said your paths are 18" wide; your beds look narrower…how about your pepper and squash beds? Thanks for the info!

  • Carol Robb

    Just found your videos, so informative, I take my tomatoes plants and lay them on their side in the pots for a day or two, before I plant them, the plant will turn & start growing vertically. You then plant your tomato and the horizontal root system gets more water, which results in better growth.

  • Joenel Nigos

    Wow I love it
    I love farming and I love how you make guides when it comes to farming or making a veggies garden most especially those beginner and people who wants to have a garden

  • Richard Williams

    I add mikos for plant transplant George in Jersey recommended it in his video s it’s good I don’t have that much space here in my queens but I am thank full and I make the best of it every year

  • Theresa van niekerk

    Thank you for all the wonderful tips, especially enjoyed the part of cutting off the tops of the basil and peppers. Definitely going to try that!

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