We make growing good food RIDICULOUSLY easy!

-Step 1: Fill up a container to the brim with an organic potting mix
-Step 2: Place the Seedsheet seed-side-down on the surface of the soil
-Step 3: Secure the Seedsheet to the soil with the green stakes
-Step 4: Using the misting nozzle, gently apply water to each pod until the material dissolves and the soil becomes noticeably saturated
-Step 5: Continue watering daily until sprouts become visible, at which point you should bring it outside and place in a location that receives full direct sunlight.

Welcome to the future of food!
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How To Plant a Seedsheet

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  • Susan O'Neill

    I ordered Grow Your Own Herbs and Grow Your Own Salad on May 1, 2020. Still have not received. I’ve called and emailed with no reply. Please help

  • shanell adkins

    I just got mine from Aldi grocery store lastnight. I want to start mine right now but we still have a ton of snow outside. Also, I only got one stick with mine. Maybe it is because it only has three little sections with the seeds in it and not eight like yours. Is it okay if I plant mine now and just put a lamp over it so it continues to get light a few hours out of the day?

  • svntrs

    almost a year later are you looking at the comments? I just wanted to know if you still sale those flower ones like the ones from qvc. one was pink flowers and the other was sunflowers. I can't find them on the site.

  • Swanand Kulkarni

    You can have a huge market of this in India.
    Cheap manufacturing, lower the price, a billion people to sell to, that too most people are Vegans. Vegetables matter in India.

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