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🌿LINKS🌿 Espoma Garden Lime – Espoma Soil Acidifier – Espoma Gypsum – Soil pH test kit – If you want a little more help in designing your space, this online Kitchen Garden Planner is super helpful! 🙂 🌿MORE LINKS🌿 Video Gear we Use – Favorite Garden Tools – Favorite Containers – Favorite Soils – 🌿FOLLOW ME HERE🌿 ▶️ Youtube: ▶️ Facebook: ▶️ Instagram: ▶️ Twitter: ▶️ Email: 🌿ABOUT ME🌿 My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years. 🌿MAILING ADDRESS🌿 Garden Answer 580 S Oregon St Ontario, Oregon 97914 🌿BRANDS WE PARTNER WITH🌿 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Plan a Vegetable Garden: Design Your Best Garden LayoutVegetable Garden Maintenance – It’s Super Easy If You Plan It RightNew Vegetable Garden PlanVegetable Gardening: How to Plan a Highly Productive GardenHow to Plan a Bigger, Better Garden – Easy Vegetable Garden PlanningVegetable Garden Tour 🥦🥒🌶// Garden Answer

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  • Terry Ann Anderson 3 months ago

    So glad to see this video and series. As always, great job.

  • Mary Moore 3 months ago

    Hello, have you done any videos on container gardening? I live in an apartment with a small deck and would appreciate any tips you may have. Thanks!

  • carla wilson 3 months ago

    Heyyy Laura

  • Mischievia Rose 3 months ago

    Excellent information!

  • Holly Nielson 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for the awesome gardening tips! I don't have a lot of room so I'm going to do some container planting and when I get my fence fixed I will put in a raised bed along that. I really like eating what I grow, it is a lot of fun.

  • Aledwina Townsend 3 months ago

    Very informative!!!! I love it.

  • Arash Farshid 3 months ago

    can you do another succulent video?

  • Susan Peterson 3 months ago

    I enjoyed this video but missed seeing your baby and kitty!
    And, completely off topic, my Proven Winners Gardeners Idea Book came in today’s mail. SO pretty, I want everything!

  • Monique v 3 months ago

    Can you talk about planting seeds straight into the raised bed …I'm making a raised garden bed for the first time this year im excited!!!

  • Lee Drew 3 months ago

    Thanks Laura. You may also want to try or recommend straw bale gardening. I wish I had been using that method too during my life. I found that our tomato production using it combined with vertical support increased 700+% each year. We grow many different fruits and vegetables in straw bales. I've posted about what we are doing and the success we are enjoying for our family and friends. No ads, no sponsors, just sharing what we found to work because it has been so amazingly successful. It works for folks with one bale on their back patio to folks with hundreds of bales. Good stuff. Here's the steps we took in Year 1 and the results…. and here is the planting and results from Year 2…. I can't recommend the method highly enough. All of our children and neighbors and dozens of their friends now have straw bale gardens are similarly enjoying far greater yealds than they have every seen in their gardening lives. Our raised beds are still great but take a distant second compared to the production of the straw bale section of the garden and saving the 'best' for last, there is little to no weeding in the straw bale garden. Winner! – especially for folks who can't lean over as far as they did when they were kids…

  • Sarah Crossen 3 months ago

    I find that One Yard Revolution is a really good channel about intensive food gardening. He uses a combination of poly-permaculture and square-foot gardening. Maybe you guys could do a collab?

  • Ashley Lancaster 3 months ago

    So excited to see more vegetable garden videos!!!

  • Kathy Macomber 3 months ago

    You look awesome…

  • JayneMarie 3 months ago

    What is the white item on the wall behind you?

  • Ashley Hill 3 months ago

    I’m so glad you’ve posted this video. I’ve had a veggie/fruit garden for a few years now but I’ve been very hesitant to start this year because I gave birth to twins a few days after you had your little boy. I needed some inspiration and motivation to back into my garden. Seeing you manage the way you have has reminded me that I can do my garden—thanks for the inspiration!