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in this video I am walking you through how to add nutrient to your hydroponic water supply and PH adjust it. Related PostsFloating hydroponic vegetables cultivation – Growing vegetables on the water – Modern AgricultureEasy To Grow Chili in Water At Home, How to grow Chili at home in Hydroponic System/chiliWater chiller for hydroponic reservoirs.Growing Tons of Vegetables in Water! Hydroponic Growing!HOW TO GROW CORIANDER IN WATER | GROW CORIANDER WITHOUT SOIL | GROW CORIANDER HYDROPONICGrow Coriander at home in water; Dhaniya उगाने का सबसे आसान तरीका : Coriander in hydroponic system

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  • freakygeaktwo 5 years ago

    it’s much like watching a science experiment going on 🙂 thanks for sharing

  • permofit 5 years ago

    it felt like it lol 🙂