Learning to needle felt your own diy gnome is so fun! See link for Needle Felting Gnome Kit below!
In this gnome tutorial, we expand on our needle felting gnomes tutorial from last week…by making standing gnomes with skinny legs, show a new way to make the arms, and needle felt mittens.

All supplies used are from www.livingfelt.com
We have a full kit for the gnomes here:

If you need help just buying some of the supplies, please call us
877-665-5790 We will be happy to help.

This show originally aired Live on facebook 11-14-2018, this is the full version of that broadcast. Feel free to fast forward. The 11-07-18 show as a needle felting tutorial for simple gnomes (without legs). See that video for how to needle felt the gnome hat, nose, beard, simple clothes, body, etc.

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How to NEEDLE FELT a GNOME (standing) TUTORIAL – DIY Scandinavian Gnome

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  • LivingFelt

    Please share your favorite take-a-way! We LOVE seeing the gnomes made from this kit…Please share yours in our fb group 🙂

  • Janine Franc

    I was inspired by the amount of detail you can get from needle felting and hard sharp the edges of detail can be felted.
    Thanks for all your videos!!!!!!!

  • Leonie Cochrane

    I have been enjoying your tutorials for ages now and i have never seen you break a needle until now, i break them all the time… thought it was because i was using cheap needles and i'm so glad you have told me about the angle and the lighter pressure. Good news is i've just placed an order with you for your good quality needles so looking forward to receiving them, thanks again for all your knowledge.

  • Monica Gebeau Martin

    I'm confused. Wouldn't the wire you use for the taller gnomes have to be twice the length you actually want them to be? Because you fold it in half, right? So, if you want your gnome to be 12-15" tall, you'd start with a length of wire that is 24-30".

  • Joy Boughey

    Great tutorial again, thank you, Marie … and Faeries! Your hints and tips are so useful for other applications too so that for those who are not keen to make a gnome there are still lots of things to learn! ❤

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