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Learn how to measure the total square footage of a residential steep-slope house roof. Related PostsHow to measure a roof with Skyview Estimator AppHow to Measure a RoofHow to Measure the Area of a RoofShipping container house – Green roofHow To Build A 40,000 Square Foot Green Roof in 2 Minutes!Green Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.


Green Roofs


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  • michael bridges 7 months ago

    18 yr old roofer

  • Lyrics of Praise 33 7 months ago

    Hi Ben, excellent job with the videos. You are a true teacher!

  • HardGamer 7 months ago

    Nice video keep it up this video was crystal clear on how to learn to estimate a roof. Thank you

  • Well done.

  • Evgen Petsko 7 months ago

    It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wooden World.

  • Rodolfo Melchor 7 months ago


  • Magdalena Avelar 7 months ago

    Di you Givin Roofing Classes?


  • Mick Mac 7 months ago

    There is no need for this complexity in calculating the area – it is simply
    60x10x2 = 1200
    20x10x2 = 400
    10x5x2 = 100
    6x5x0.5×8 = 120
    Total 1820
    It is hard to believe that home inspectors would need training on such a basic estimation.

  • JOSH SWARTZENTRUBER 7 months ago

    That was very helpful, Thank you

  • Allen Washburn 7 months ago

    You also don't mention starter shingles and roof caps so whoever uses this as a home owner to attempt to do his roof will be short.

  • Dan Simmons 7 months ago

    very straightforward and professionally done. Bravo ! kiss

  • todd mod 7 months ago


  • Samitha Bandara 7 months ago

    Don we consider the roof angle when measuring roof.. 45 deg, 30 deg.. like that.

  • syed hussain 7 months ago

    Just one thing didn't mention adding wast percentage for different roofs different percentages

  • hotzpacho 7 months ago

    when it comes to the roof measurements what is the most efficient way of measuring the length, width, and or height of each side of those shapes?

  • Mick Mac 7 months ago

    The calculation is not A1, A2 and A3 is not as complex as described. It is simply 60x10x2, 20x10x2 and 5x10x2 or 2100 total. No need to add and subtract the common triangles.

  • Flores Flores 7 months ago

    You make it very easy ­čÖé

  • Flores Flores 7 months ago

    Very help full. Thanks for sharing your power.

  • Dannie Strable 7 months ago

    Why couldnt you measure the A1 and measure A3 as LxW and not subtract two triangles per gable?