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This is a video response to all the people asking me how to make a vertical garden that is based on the phytopod. I go through all the steps and supplies that you will need in order to build your own vertical garden. Related PostsGrowing 30 plants in less than 2 Sq Ft with this Vertical Tower Garden | WOW!Grow 30 Plants in Less Than 2 Sq Ft with the Green Stalk Garden Vertical Tower GardenRepurpose A Shoe Organizer Into A Vertical Hanging GardenDIY VERTICAL PLANT POCKET WALL GARDEN |Making A VERTICAL HERB GARDEN From Shade Cloth And Cable TiesAmazing Vertical Garden Ideas for Home, Vertical Garden Automatic WateringDiy Idea for Hanging Plants Indoor / Vertical Gardening Ideas / Wall Gardens / Diy Garden Ideas

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  • SuperExtremeLiving "Gardening and Stuff" 4 years ago

    Cool Video .. I had to sub .. just too cool.. :)?

  • aditya satriya 4 years ago

    yeeeah,ooooooh,eeeeehhhhhmmmm, aaaachhhhh,yes-no-yes-no, oke baby,okee baby ooooohhhhhaa?

  • fiberinspector 4 years ago

    I hate to bop you but all you needed to do on the screws was to go to a #14 x 3/4" instead of a #6 x 3/4" screw. The important thing is that you are doing something to grow your own food, we all live and learn from each other mistakes.

  • Donald Lupien 4 years ago

    This is very smart idea. I'be been looking at this program to grow healthy roots:

  • deathlightdb 4 years ago


  • Bugholio 4 years ago

    Burlap wicks water too fast. Should wrap it with a tarp to hold in water.?

  • geraldokla 4 years ago

    Very nice job.

  • Colin MacDonald 4 years ago

    cant see half of what you are talking about.?

  • dbcurlgirl56 4 years ago

    It helps to see the finished product at the "beginning" of the video, so that as you construct the unit it is more understandable.?

  • Susan Marchinton 4 years ago

    I like the idea of the PVC pipe with the holes.

  • Anton Parasol 4 years ago

    this is

  • Lisa Shelton 4 years ago

    Love the idea….very doable and LOVE your dog!?

  • tacklebox79 4 years ago

    How do you keep the soil from clogging up the pipe? I'd suggest putting a pantyhose stocking around it, securing it with a zip tie. ?

  • Nikhil Khandekar 4 years ago

    I was just thinking, maybe you could have used the surrounding room on the pallet as well. But that would require around 3 or 4 burlap bags sewn together to fit the pallet. Then it would look like a more cohesive unit. Great job, nevertheless!

  • Cazz Cannings 4 years ago

    My bad.

  • Inger Nilsson 4 years ago

    This I must try :-)?

  • Cliff Williams 4 years ago

    excellent video! I am wondering why you felt compelled to tell us that the coffee roaster who gave you the burlap sack used organic beans….??

  • MyNameIs 4 years ago

    I apologize. I stopped listening and was watching your dog. I like the idea…mobile gardening?

  • Victoria Cunningham 4 years ago

    Oh this is perfect!!!!?