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This is a present I got for my birthday. This video will show you how I make my succulent frame and soon I will be able to place it on the wall to enjoy. The driftwood I collected on the beaches this winter inspired me to make these succulent & arrangements. I mixed it up a bit so you’ll learn how to make 1 that’s a tabletop piece & 1 that hangs on the wall. SEE PICS OF THESE DESIGNS HERE: LEARN HOW TO ATTACH SUCCULENTS TO DRIFTWOOD HERE: BUY SUCCULENT CUTTINGS HERE: ———————————————————————————————————- MY BUSINESS: JOY US GARDEN This is where I share all things gardening & creating. Let’s YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT AT: SIGN UP FOR MY MONTHLY NEWSLETTER SO YOU GET THE GOOD STUFF: SOCIAL MEDIA MADNESS Connect With Me At: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Google+: —————————————-­­—————————————­-­———————— You know how I love my succulents, but you may not know that I love my beach walks. I live a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean & like most people, find tranquility & beauty in that big, ole vast body of water. We don’t have a huge amount of driftwood on our Santa Barbara beaches but the winter winds & storms do blow a bit in. And that my friends is what inspired me to make these succulent & driftwood arrangements for you. I’ve already done a post & video (find the link below) on attaching succulents to driftwood so I have you covered there. Once the foundation is done, it’s on to the fun & creative part – attaching the succulents & creating your living masterpiece. I decided to do 1 as a wall hanging because it’s lightweight & the shape said “hang me please”! Isn’t it fascinating […]

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  • Patty Garrison 10 months ago

    Thanks! Nicely done!

  • joed596 10 months ago

    Hey, Nell 🙂 Wow, this is pretty interesting! I used to have an aquarium, and it was (and still is) a very common thing to attach aquatic plants to driftwood, rocks, etc. but I never thought you could do this with "terrestrial" plants! :-0 You sure are very creative 😉 Thumbs up as always, your snake-plant-struggling friend, Norfolk Joe

  • Bryant Chan 10 months ago

    so lovely bro! how many plant u use?

  • Suzie Charles 10 months ago

    Beautiful work as usual Nell!

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 10 months ago

    The succulents look amazing on the driftwood 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing Nell and sending heaps of love form Ireland for a wonderful weekend XXXX <3

  • Bren Haas 10 months ago

    I love this!!!! Thank you for sharing – you make it look so easy to design a driftwood arrangement. I can't wait to visit the beach and find some pieces to create my own.