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In this video you will learn how to make & care vertical garden which is also called as living wall or green wall, this vertical garden can place indoor & Outdoor walls of building or homes. Vertical garden can create indoor and outdoor, but the most important thing to maintain vertical garden is 1) choose correct plant For indoor vertical gardening – use syngonium plant, money plant, Anthurium plant, calathea, Aglaonema plant, fern etc For Outdoor vertical gardening – Use flowering plants, money plant, Geranium, Euphorbia, Purple Fountain, Grass, Coleus, fern etc 2) choose soil according to plants 3) watering plant correctly – Use Flexible Water Spray Hose Kanchan Yadav is in business of Vertical gardening, if any one want to create vertical garden. You can contact them regarding same. Mim order value should be 5000 Rs KANCHAN NURSERY Address : Kanchan Nursery, Deep Laxmi Farms, 9th Road, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071 Mobile No – 9136771255 9324552367 Kanchan Yadav – 09860129551 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to make vertical garden & decorate your wall with plants, Wall garden, Green wallInterior & Exterior Hanging Plants to Decorate My Home | Indoor Hanging PlantersMake a vertical garden and decorate your walls with plantsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsBamboo Wall Decor Idea | Diy Idea For Garden & Home // GREEN PLANTSHow to Decorate Your Small Flower Pots | Pots Decoration Ideas | Garden DIY Ideas//GREEN PLANTS

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