Grow plants like a pro now! This setup will reduce the wasted light, and eliminate the costly materials that conventional grow tents use. Good for seedlings to fully mature plants, Stay tune for more how-to’s and tutorials!
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How To Make the Cheapest DIY Grow Tent for Indoor Plants

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  • Bobby Evans

    Great stuff. I was wondering if you could retackle this project and see if there are any updates or more information you could provide. Thank you for your content. It has helped me majorly since moving to the country.

  • Nancilyn Hill

    I live in Arizona, where citrus is one of the 5 Cs; Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. Citrus and pomegranates are usually harvested around Christmas. As you are growing indoors, its season may have been altered. Love the Meyer lemon. It is not overly sour and is very prolific.

  • Usman Khan

    i used cheaper material , its aluminium foil , i bought a thicker one it reflects better then this , i used it outdoor where sun was coming from an angle , if u can manage then kitchen one can be used too indoor , i guess its cheaper then these car reflectors but this is good idea if u have some used ones or cheap quality available . large leaves are a sign that it lacks light , its reverse , when plant have less light , it increases its size to consume more .

    what i was wondering is , its going to be costly if u turn on bulb for one plant , its more productive if u have vegetable plants which are smaller and more then one under one bulb , example tomato or egg plant , lettuce , they wil be more productive , or place it on roof .

  • Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    How would you control humidy in that? Secondly, would that be 100% closed so when its dark inside no outside light can leak in? As in the case of cannabis?

  • NewAuto Grower

    I'm one of those stoners. Being a grower tho I can appreciate anything horticulture. Altho I don't think this panel will be finding its way into my closet..  I have a hard time understanding ppl growing tomato's and stuff. maybe outside but not a crazy indoor setup.  just grow Cannabis. Even if not a smoker you still must admire its Flowers beauty, variety , taste/smell and Aroma? or just me?/us smokers. Check my Vid. will post update soon. and try to grow some Cannabis!!!

  • Tovis Bratsburg

    I used a huge bird cage as a frame and took off the front. Using bright white trade show polyester that was sewn as a cover. I am in Michigan too near Byron Center. I have 2 plants under a massive light. I enjoy growing tropicals such as chocolate, and plumeria. Trying to listen to my citrus plants to see how much water they want and learning as I go. Thanks for the video.

  • Rosco Bird

    They sell this material by the roll too, not only does it reflect but insulate keeps heat in or cold out. I used it for my outside greenhouse pop up. The sides that don't get sun and put it on during this winter. Great stuff, the brand I got is reach barrior. It works so well that I got to open up the front zippers. In the morning to about 1pm it gets high 90's and into the 100's when it was in the low 30's to keep the heat in later in the afternoon I put large bubble wrap where the light comes in from the sun. So this stuff + Bubble wrap make great insulation and reflection of light. I also have a chicken coop heater when it falls around 55-60 at night

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