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This video goes over the methods and materials I’ve found to get the best and most affordable, effective, fast and durable tomato cages, cucumber trellis and pepper weaves. These materials and methods can be used in a variety of ways but this will surely give you some more great ideas in design and materials. Related PostsVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 4/16/18: Hot-House Tomato Cage, Peas, Bean & Cucumber TrellisingINSTANT VERTICAL HERB TOWER FROM TOMATO CAGEAwesome Greenhouse Bell Pepper Farming – Modern Agriculture TechnologyHow I transplant seedlings in NFT Vertical Hydroponics – Bell Pepper CilantroAwesome Greenhouse Bell Pepper Farming – Modern Agriculture TechnologyHow to Make a 6 foot Cucumber & Vegetable Trellis in 15 Minutes: Grow Vertical! – TRG 2014

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  • Urmila Babu 8 months ago

    How to do the trellis for home garden wth container tomato & creepers

  • William Teasley 8 months ago

    holy sh*t that intro music got me in the mood to trellis some tomatoes

  • smart451cab 8 months ago

    The cattle panels seem like a great option, IF one happens to own a big pickup truck. Otherwise, they'd be really pricey to have delivered.

  • M mangla 8 months ago

    very nice my friend