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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Making the proper soil for a raised-bed vegetable garden will help make sure your veggies grow as well as possible. Make soil for a raised-bed vegetable garden with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video clip. Expert: Oscar Carmona Filmmaker: Alfredo Rodriguez Series Description: Raised-bed gardens are a great way to grow a wide variety of different plants and vegetables with the space you have available to you. Get tips on how to create great raised-bed gardens on your property with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video series. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRaised Bed Organic Vegetable Gardening Planting With Deep Soil: Summer GardensHow to Add Coffee Grounds to Your Vegetable Garden Soil : Gardening AdviceStep-by-Step Guide to Vegetable Gardens : Vegetable Gardening 101Soil Amendment, When and What to Add to your Organic Vegetable Garden Q&A workwithnature103_सब्जियों की मिट्टी तैयार करना||how to make vegetable garden soilTomatoes Growing Tips with Organic Soil in Vegetable Garden

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  • Marshall T. 1 year ago

    mix 1/4 top soil, 3/4 compost

  • Maarten H. 1 year ago

    Thank you for this clip on how to mix the perfect soil. I will try this mix for my hot peppers this year.

  • chefgiovanni 1 year ago

    Oscar , you know your stuff. Thanks for sharing. Time to cook. Watch our cooking videos too !

  • George Adams 1 year ago

    White stuff is Perlite….

  • Robert Castro 1 year ago

    1:09 there's a lizard!

  • Home Grown Veg 1 year ago

    This is my 'no cost' way of improving the soil structure and fertility in my raised beds. When a raised bed becomes empty in Autumn I cover it with a  few inch deep mix of chopped leaves, grass and seaweed that I turn over weekly. This will compost down over the colder months before the next growing season. About 4 months to work its magic. Hope this helps.

  • Nick Rauseo 1 year ago

    1:08 Lizard 

  • Bulliwolf 1 year ago

    Pretty sure that is Perlite, not vermiculite

  • Rick Schulte 1 year ago

    Thank you, enjoyed learning what to add to make a better living conditions for your plants,  thank you….

  • Sheds Direct Manchester 1 year ago

    In my own perception, these ideas are quite useful enough particularly for those who are aspiring to build a raised bed garden. Fixing a healthy soil is very important. It is very nice to learn this kind of approach for us to grow our plants very productive. 

  • Mr Deanings 1 year ago

    Oh did I see a frog ! I just scanned for the word lizard looked like a ghecko

  • Mr Deanings 1 year ago

    8000 views and you all didn't see the lizard run out of the compost bucket. Am I seeing things ?