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Learn How to Make OrganicFertilizer for Your Vegetable Garden, Organic Fertilizer NPK in this video a simple and easy recipe to make, reusing food waste, they are also essential nutrients for life of their plants. It is considered a Fantastic Fertilizer Egg Shells, Peels Banana, and Coffee Frounds: These together form the 03 fertilizers NPK macronutrients which are fundamental for the life of your plants and flowers I will explain about each COFFEE GROUNDS The coffee grounds has some fundamental substances for your plants and flowers THE NITROGEN AND CARBON NITROGEN: It is responsible for the development of its plant, new Cells Photosynthesis, and the colors of the leaves CARBON: responsible for the structure of molecules, carbohydrates are the energy storage They are two very important components for your PLANTS The measure is 100 grams to 1 liter of water about Eggshells The Eggshellsl is rich in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and some nitrogen They are key substances for life of plants Peels Banana Potassium is very important in the production of carbohydrates, Photosynthesis, production and sa Fruits Phosphorus is responsible for the formation of cellsfrom the roots the seeds flowering and fruit We’ll do here step by step, it is easy and simple Let’s crush 1 liter of water 3 Peel Banana 1 Coffee grouds after grinding put in a container and leave for 02 days for fertilizer fermenting be fine homogeneous He is ready to Use and Fertilize your plants Friend, do not throw away these remains of foods, they are very useful for your plants, Usually fertilizers containing Potassium and Phosphorus are expensive values to buy, and you can produce in your home I’ll put a little this Strawberry that is already beginning to produce be always welcome: Visit our pages! World Clik World of Plants […]

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  • iZKy Khan 1 year ago

    hey tell me plz which sand u r useing

  • Saini Garden 1 year ago


  • Geu lima 1 year ago

    poxa q legal adorei!!

  • Catalin Oancea 1 year ago

    Bom video!

  • joly gasparetto 1 year ago


  • Dance Lessons Orlando 1 year ago

    John, senior, you are sooo right! GMO is scary. Thank you for battling the GMO labeling. This is a worthy cause and it would be a fantastic fight to win. John – son – you are born from good stock.

  • MyNameIs Nunya 1 year ago

    VICTORY GARDENS, I heard all about them

  • Shane Corning 1 year ago

    😀 … …. … "No Wonder". 🙂
    (don't ask many of you dont believe us as it is)

  • Mohammad Hossain 1 year ago

    nice meeting your dad!

  • Tc Anderson 1 year ago

    Very cool. Love your show but especially enjoyed meeting your Dad. Maybe your parents would like an edible flower garden.

  • newharmony85 1 year ago

    Oh so sweet you guys look so alike.

  • Shawn Merriman 1 year ago

    step up Dad, let him set you up :)

  • fortbumper 1 year ago

    cute lovely daddy ,keep him and be proud of him 1

  • Laurie Olson 1 year ago

    Funny, I've got two books by Marion Nestle waiting for me at the library. Glad you were able to help your dad fix his diet. I was too late for mine. He passed this last summer. Just keep going John. You are a terrific inspiration to many.

  • GalapagooseonSteam 1 year ago

    I think it's great that you're motivating people to become more self sufficient and not support monopolies on food, but the whole 'evil cancer causing GMOs' garbage isn't helping anyone, it just makes people paranoid over nothing.

  • GalapagooseonSteam 1 year ago

    GMOs are never created so that farmers can use MORE pesticides, crops are modified so that they will be more resistant to pests on their own, so that they will require less pesticides. "It is estimated that between 1996 and 2005 the deployment of Bt cotton has reduced the volume of insecticide active ingredient used for pest control in cotton by 94.5 million kilograms and increased farm income through reduced costs and improved yields by US $7.5 billion, with most of the benefit accrued by farmers in developing nations… This represents a 19.4% reduction and was the largest reduction in pesticide use afforded by any GMO crop… After 11 years of Bt cotton cultivation, control failures due to resistance have not been detected under field conditions." USDA researcher Steven E. Naranjo.

  • Ed Bishop 1 year ago

    John Jr. how goes it with your mom letting you start a garden ?

  • Atomic Surge 1 year ago

    I'm not going to be vegetarian, but I understand having more vegetables and fruit in my diet is only a good thing.

    I would say I eat 75% plant, 25% meat, and I like my meat.

  • Deborah Mckee 1 year ago

    Really neat video with your dad! Maybe someday your mom will give in and you can put in a garden for them! I can tell that you would really appreciate the opportunity to give back to them in a meaningful way that shows your love!

  • Tiredfeathers Thomas 1 year ago

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gina Goth 1 year ago

    great vid!

  • mojowomyn 1 year ago

    If I couldn't see this video, and only heard it, I would know it's your dad! Same voice and vocal rhythm!

  • 2009katieanne 1 year ago

    Love you guys… I always love your videos

  • ou es 1 year ago

    John, I am a bit confused about meat. Is it really that bad even if you have your own organicly produced meat? Honestly, I've never been in Mongolia presonally but when I see native people, they seem to be very happy and healthy. And I believe, almost 100% of their food supply comes from their animals. They don't have food forests and vegetable gardens. In documentary films they say that they often eat fresh/raw meat from their animals and drink warm blood. Shouldn't they be all dying of cancer? My grandfather was very healthy until his death (96 years old) and he was an alcoholic up to his 80th birthday and ate pork and beaf during his whole life. He didn't die of cancer. I personally also eat a lot of meat and honestly I don't even know the name of my doctor. I haven't been there for years and I feel pretty good and healthy. So what is the real truth about meat? Is it really that bad for everybody? Greetings from Slovakia.

  • rezyness 1 year ago

    great job!