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  • Ruby Oliver 5 months ago

    Brother How to make potting mix for healthy money plant ????

  • COMPUTER EDUCATION 5 months ago

    Good video

  • S k Rathore 5 months ago

    Sahi kaha apne mere hibiscus ke leaves yellow ho rahe h gir rahe h

  • shadab khan 5 months ago

    App ko bhi sir

  • ragini SUNDAR 5 months ago

    Very nice this you told for hanging basket for normal pot I am growing in that plant is hanging outside what to do and how to grow bushy

  • Jhum Basu 5 months ago

    Happy new year And beautiful money plant..

  • Dastan Arsh 5 months ago

    Happy New year

  • sumaiya vaid 5 months ago

    Happy new year Sir

  • Varsha Sharma 5 months ago

    Bhut acha lag raha h apka money plunt

  • Richa Popli 5 months ago

    Sir mere Rose me jala lag raha h aap koi davai btaye humare yha koi plant ki shop nh h mere Rose ki growth to ho rhi h par jala lag rha h aur saaf fungiside se mere gulab shirt nh ho rahe

  • Gandhi's terrace Garden 5 months ago

    Happy New year you too…nice video..well explained..

  • no one 5 months ago

    1st like cmnt

  • S k Rathore 5 months ago

    Single or double petle chandni m same care h ya different
    Mene new gandhraah liya h varmicompose abhi finish ho gaya h compose khatar chalegi kaya
    Baad m varmi daal du toh

  • Misty Singde 5 months ago

    Sir ande ki chilke ki khad de skte hai kya

  • Pawan Merotha 5 months ago

    इस plant को bright light मे grow कर सकते है क्या sir..

  • Kalpana Rawat 5 months ago

    hr podhe m fitkari dal skte h

  • Hena Dutta 5 months ago


  • Rahul Anand 5 months ago

    Sir alum maine dala mera gardenia mar gya

  • yogesh kadian 5 months ago

    Can you share some current pics of this plant.

  • shyam sharma 5 months ago

    Sir Isme Chuna dal sakte hain kya ?? Plz reply

  • neerja sharma 5 months ago

    My gardenia is not blooming…plant is healthy

  • shah vrutant 5 months ago

    Hi once again…I am balcony Gardner. I am new gardener.
    I bought 50 kgs bag of vermicompost, My vermicompost got dried…can I use dried vermicompost in my pot?

  • 1974saddy 5 months ago


  • Very good info.. Thanks.

  • Shelly Shubhankar 5 months ago

    Nyc information mj.

  • HIMESH SHUKLA 5 months ago

    Acidic soil ke liye vinegar use kar sakte hain kya ? vinegar jo shop mein 1ltr bottle mein milta hai . Jo chinese/noodles banane mein use hota hai…

  • Bhagyashri Kakade 5 months ago

    hi, thanks
    very good information.
    my gardenia is growing nicely the leaves are healthy, the buds are growing but not blooming, getting detached after growing big.

  • alok sharma1987 5 months ago

    Sir ye flower khushboo deta hai kiya

  • hasina parvin2019 5 months ago

    mare is plant ki buds gir rahe hai ak vi flower nahi khelrahe hai khy kare

  • Good morning india Plants life 5 months ago

    Informative video….I'm a new gardener ..,your videos are too good

  • KVL MANGALA 5 months ago

    Thank you very good information