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  • New Negritude 1 year ago

    Eish, I don't understand Urdu.

  • Peacemaker 4 Real 1 year ago

    Name it IN HINDI,,,, or whatever it is,,, but please mention in the TITLE THAT IS NOT FUCKING english,,,, and how can u use expensive Hostpital equipment in ya country , when there are more cheaper ways!?!?!

  • ANA MARIA BARBOSA 1 year ago


  • Mahmoud Adeeb 1 year ago


  • Rabia Saher Saher 1 year ago

    superb janab

  • Rabia Saher Saher 1 year ago

    superb janab

  • Raj Sutradhar 1 year ago

    nice video

  • rahultandi 98271 1 year ago

    nice low cost drip system……

  • Raheel Iftikhar 1 year ago

    sir bonsai k bary ma batain

  • Arunima Warrior 1 year ago

    Aapne paani mein kounsa fertilizer daala? Could u plz name.

  • A curious spoon 1 year ago

    You know what you could've done?

    taken the bottle, poked two small holes on the bottom, dug a place for the bottle next to the plant( look out for roots) and then just filled up the bottle

  • Varadarajan Sundararaman 1 year ago

    Simply superb wonderful idea with simple things available with low cost

  • بلبل 1 year ago

    وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته شكرا جزيلا

  • Jaat Abhi 1 year ago

    make fast

  • Jaat Abhi 1 year ago

    please make a video on lucky bamboo how to grow in soil and water and it's care

  • Sajjad Zaidi 1 year ago

    how to grow khash khash

  • Mubina Alvi 1 year ago

    Is it possible to make liquid fertilizer at home or purchase it ?

  • Fardeen Irani 1 year ago

    Nice idea using the drip set, I like it

  • Mubina Alvi 1 year ago

    what is liquid fertilizer

  • David Toone 1 year ago

    Great and satisfying they are. They have indeed help my dad from taking harsh decision on the look of the house. Seriously, if not for the intervention of the great program of landscaping, who knows what would have happened next. I will tell anyone looking for a solution to this kind of problem  [Go Here== ].

  • Julia M 1 year ago

    What a song?

  • Brownbeautysimor 1 year ago

    hey fabulous, loved your channel… lovely DIY…. Enjoyed

  • Ella Pretty 1 year ago

    you always choose the best songs for your videos ❤

  • Simply Leah Style 1 year ago

    So cute 😉 Love the ideas!

  • Ada BrandyWorld 1 year ago