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I show step-by-step how to design and construct a low-pressure aeroponics (soakaponics) system using free and inexpensive parts. I built mine for growing peppers, but could be used for anything. The pepper I used for testing was a Bhut Jolokia Assam. The cost is less than 10.00 in parts, plus the submersible pump which cost me 22.42. Add 1.35 for optional sight glass components. This helps to monitor the water/nutrient level. Parts list/cost PVC parts 1 x 5′ sched 40 1/2″ PVC pipe – 1.92 4 x 1/2″ caps – .38 each = 1.52 4 x 1/2″ slip elbows – .28 each = 1.12 1 x 1/2″ four-way cross tee – 1.26 2 x 90 deg tee – .35 each = .70 1 x 1/2″ adapter threaded/slip – .38 1 x Eco-396 submersible pump – 22.42 15 x Spray nozzles – .13 each = 1.95 1 x Icing container – free 1 x 3″ net pot -.35 1 x 2″ neoprene cloning collar – .35 Total 31.97 Optional sight glass parts 1 x 1/2″ elbow – .50 1 x 1/2″ grommet – .35 1 x 10″ piece of 1/2″ clear tubing – .50 Total 1.35 Here are some of the parts used to make this system that I purchased through Amazon. EcoPlus 728310 Eco 396 Submersible Pump, 396GPH (You can probably get by with one not as powerful, like the 210 GPH one, and save money) Hydrolux 360 Degree Red Replacement Micro Sprayer (100 count) Drillco 2000C Series Carbon Steel Hand Threading Tap 10-32 Related PostsHow to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 1How to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 3How to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 2How to make […]

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  • pratapsihan raje 1 year ago

    hi i want to setup an hydroponic farm project but i dont have any idea about setup of plant i want an blue print of plant setup and equipment required. please help me out i will be very grateful

  • Peter Stanley 1 year ago

    I just saw an equivalent size pump on Amazon for only 10.00.

  • chandra0102 1 year ago

    Another suggestion. You don't need to run the pump continuously 24/7. Roots don't need to be watered continuously non-stop. Try setting a timer at 15 mts on, 15 mts off. I bet you will see better results.

  • chandra0102 1 year ago

    Great project. Can this idea be adapted for a larger system for growing multiple plants; looks like lot of expense in PVC fittings, pump, sprinklers, bucket, etc. to grow just one plant. Also, a suggestion: instead of using clear tubing on the side to see water level use some transparent color tubing to reduce algae growth in the tube which will eventually happen with clear tube.

  • Jay Herr 1 year ago

    size drill bit?

  • L.A. Boltryk 1 year ago

    Great video. Where did you get those micro spray nozzles?

  • Lee Otts 1 year ago

    Great video quality! I am so tired of horrible quality tutorials where you can't see anything but this was done great! Learned a lot and even answered a question about timing in the comments

  • mayagayam 1 year ago

    Best tutorial I've seen in a while! Thank you!

  • Adrian Robledo 1 year ago

    this is an awesome project I want to build an aeroponic system and I think I might try this out

  • Allen Wu 1 year ago

    You are great,thank you for your video,and maybe you can speak louder to sound more confident,that will match your awesome personality!

  • MrKeen101 1 year ago

    this is painful to watch. nice project, but for god's sake learn to use your tools right and hold your workpiece tight. you needed to drill faster not slower with the bucket held stable. watching those bits cut the wrong way was awful.

  • Curiosity84 1 year ago

    Hi, great sharing!
    btw, I built similar bucket aeroponic system like you did, but I using submersible pump. By this method I found the pump generate heat into the water, so about in an hour, I can feel the water getting warmer. so I toggle the pump off-on about 1 hour interval as workaround.
    Did you experience same like I did also? thanks :)

  • Reza Bakhtiari 1 year ago

    this is amazing . tank you . i like to make this but i have question
    about power pump watet ? pump head ?and more information for one pump like this

  • Tammy V 1 year ago

    this is amazing! thank you for sharing.

  • Ashley Castillo 1 year ago

    thanks so so much, im so going to try this!

  • Taylor Ginther 1 year ago

    I can't quit watching this every few hours, extremely well done Sir. One question left, no wait two questions (thanks for being access able)…why use a 4-way with one leg capped, instead of a tee; Did you choose the pump based on output specs, (gph & max head) or convenience (the 1/2" threaded output is much nicer than a smaller friction fit for tubing). I must say, I've seen a lot of bids on aeroponic systems lately, in fact its caused me to become jaded about the human condition. so many of them have about 10% useful info combined with useless banter. You deserve the Nobel Prize for Instructional Aeroponics Videos for this one.

  • Taylor Ginther 1 year ago

    I'll try it. how long at a time does the pump stay on? surely it doesn't need to run constantly

  • Ken “TazHawaii” Robb 1 year ago

    Peter, if you have some part numbers for the optional sight glass items please provide – lots of different 1/2" grommets and such available. Thanks

  • RevtosTV 1 year ago

    Very nice! I love your attention to detail like the grommet for the plug and the sight glass for the water level. I would have just slapped that together and had water leaking on the floor until it ran out of water! Lol!