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This is the full video (Parts 1, 2, 3 combined) of my new design inexpensive low pressure aeroponics system – version 2. Like the first design, this one still uses PVC spray bars and misting nozzles, but it is much simpler and more efficient. It uses two 5 gallon buckets instead of the 4 gallon icing container used in the first design. You can see an update here showing how it is doing growing a large Helios Habanero plant. I also remastered the audio, so it should sound a little better. If you want to see the individual parts, see links below. Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – For more information about this project, please visit my website at Last year I made a video ( of a DIY low-pressure aeroponics system design (aka spray-a-ponics or soak-a-ponics), which uses a submersible pump and PVC with spray nozzles attached. The nozzles spray nutrient solution onto the roots, then circulate back through the pump. That design worked very well, but there were a few issues I encountered. Problems with old version: 1. Small reservoir 2. Difficult to change nutrients 3. Over-complicated design, requiring special tools The new design addresses these issues. If you built the other version, you probably have most of the parts already. I did not mention in the video, but for the nutrient solution, I used a three part mix of Masterblend, Magnesium Sulfate and Calcium Nitrate at a ppm of around 850. Part 1 of this tutorial shows the parts needed and preparation. Part 2 shows the construction, and Part 3 shows the final assembly, operation and follow-up. Parts needed for this system as shown in the video: PVC parts schedule 40 1/2″ PVC pipe – 3 x 1″ long […]

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  • Michael Turany 6 months ago

    this kid needs a father figure 22.5 deg 45deg 90deg simple math 360 deg in a circle =4  90s 8  45s 16  22.5s youll get it

  • bigbunny onthemove 6 months ago

    I have a couple of questions,(1) do the roots ever get into the impeller or do you just clean it out on a set schedule? (2)Solution schedule, is it 2 weeks and a bucket swap roughly? (3)Have you ever had a white fly invasion?  I like the double bucket set up. I have moved my lettuce indoors with great success, lettuce 365 days a year. Down here in south Florida I have so many viruses, it is almost impossible to grow my bells outside. A plant your size could support 15 bells I figure. (4)After four or five refills do you use a flush? I have been thinking on this for a while and going to place some pipes to the bottom of the tank in a triangle. Two to hold the plant and one for a solution gauge. I plan to stabilize the pump and cord this way to the triangle. This way I could just lift the handle and out it all comes and drop it to a new bucket of solution. It should make it easer to root prune in the off season when the plant goes back into flower. I found out that the red(with longer hours) and blue(decreasing hours) can make them set flowers or ripen fruit. Have you seen the LumiGrow set up with each leds controlled individually from the wifi? I think you will like this! To rich for my blood for a while.    Peppers can live down here for years unless the virus and nematodes get them. Thanks for the great idea. I am going to watch the rest of your stuff now, but maybe try a bell or two, they don't hurt so bad on the taste test. Best of luck from south Florida…

  • Jared Mccutcheon 6 months ago

    Hi Peter. I've watched this video a few times and I really like this build. I wonder if a smaller pump would work just as well? This is very similar to my cloner I built in a large tote. I was thinking you could probably make a few different lids and use it with different size net cups for either cloning, or growing multiple seedlings at a time until you decide what to do with them. I just bought a couple more pumps, I think I may build a version like yours and try it out. Do you think if maybe there was just 2 drain holes in the inner bucket the roots would stay mostly contained in that bucket and if so do you think they would be healthy? I'm thinking if they can grow in Kratky, they should be ok contained in the inner bucket. Probably would make res changes easier.

  • Krishna Thiyagarajan 6 months ago

    What nutrients are you using in the solution? I'm trying to get something similar working myself.

  • V1KingCAN 6 months ago

    Those are some THICCC roots!

  • sddarkman619 6 months ago

    are you using lids with gaskets?

  • VirtualLife 6 months ago

    Nice. Looks like it's working perfectly.

  • Peter Stanley 6 months ago

    I posted this video in parts when I first uploaded it. Here's the full version containing all three parts. I also worked on cleaning up the audio some.