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This video teaches you how to make the necessary measurements to create a Aquaponics Vertical Grow tower that I invented. To see the completed system at John Brown University go visit: Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHow to Make a Vertical Growing Tower for Aquaponics or Hydroponics: Part 2Aquaponics Vertical Grow Tower Build – Part 01Aquaponics System – Solar Powered Vertical TowerAquaponics Grow Tower Water Delivery System Part 1GroPockets – How to build a Tower system for Aquaponics / Hydroponics

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  • Jatmiko Irvan 1 year ago

    great.. how to make the water system? bcz thats is the main problem..

  • ficocol ruiz 1 year ago

    how many inches is the tube diameter?

  • Michael Rapoport 1 year ago

    Are you ever going to sell the PVC pipes just as is?

  • yuth thy 1 year ago

    could you tell me whats the best space between each tower for growing vegetable? thank you

  • Jonah Dewing 1 year ago

    You spelled vertical wrong… just had to point that out…

  • curly sue 1 year ago

    Really wish he would had listed all the Materials needed to build this thing on both Vids, now I gotta watch both Vids and I wont know what Tools I need and have to purchase until the end.
    Would had been helpful hate taking notes while I watch a YT vid . Cool design tho

  • Ryan Tatzel 1 year ago

    Can someone tell me where you can buy 4" PVC pipe for $4? Best I can find is $25.

  • Gabriel Joseph 1 year ago

    Awesome design! I just made one with slightly different design…

    I'm curious to know if you used schedule 40 PVC or thinner? If it only costs $4 per tower, is that total cost or only cost for the PVC? Also, instead of a torch, do you think using a heat gun might work effectively?

  • Kuddy Jones 1 year ago

    hey great videos amazing creation I want to make one soon also………few questions, where is the video that shows how to build the inner tubing/water system? can this tower be used as strictly an indoor home garden aquaponics/aeroponics system? I want to keep it all year in my home and we only get a few months of hot weather up here in Canada…..also, is there a way to print of a list of the materials n tools?? thanks man cheers!!!

  • mf3106 1 year ago

    Gunner – like the design and flexibility, just one question is that a PVC pipe you are using – is this OK for growing food?

  • Hee-Sun Han 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing the video. Is there a reason why you are only using 2 rows on the 4 inch pipe? Would it be too much to have 4 rows or would that be too much?

  • Said Said 1 year ago

    Hi Gunnar, thanks for sharing. May I know how much it will cost roughly to make one vertical tower also advise which other tools are necessary to have.
    Many thanks.

  • anjalivs anju 1 year ago

    Whats its cost???

  • Nick Erndt 1 year ago

    Does anyone sell these premade?

  • Lawfatt Ho 1 year ago

    Your design is great! I cant wait to start build my grow towers setup in the coming weeks!! and yes I totally agree with Larry Athey, ZipGrow towers are seriously overpriced……U will do far better than ZipGrow!! Larry Athey yours is also another great work!!!!!

  • Larry Athey 1 year ago

    I'm going to be trying this design with a single strip of Matala filter media inside in order to give the tower a built-in biological and solids filter, and make the holes just big enough to hold the rockwool cubes without the net pot. Personally, I'd love to see you find a manufacturer for these and seriously under-cut the price of the ZipGrow towers. You have a far better design in regards to plant productivity. Add some form of fiber media inside of them for the sake of biological/solids filtration, and you'll have a product that beats theirs all the way around and doesn't infringe on their patent.

  • roger l Waters 1 year ago

    great video. thanx for sharing. do you irrigate this system? what is the best way?  what will be the ideal stand up base to put and avid a mess.
    thank you.

  • Tony i 1 year ago

    hi great idea but how did you cut and bend in the openings for the mesh pots?

  • Lene Ring 1 year ago

    You are great, Gunna. Love your ideas. How about you go to Shark Tank to try to get money for your projects?

  • Douglas Hutchinson 1 year ago

    What type (Grade or schedule) of pvc did you use,