In this video I will teach you how to form the holes for the 2 in net cups. Here is a link to the official video for the entire system completed at John Brow…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

How to Make a Vertical Growing Tower for Aquaponics or Hydroponics: Part 2

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  • Gunnar Shaffer

    Yes, I am doing this as part of my senior project at John Brown University.
    I will be making more videos this week! Thanks for letting me know!?

  • david jackson

    Gunnar, thank you for your informative video. I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is there any additional media in the 4″ vertical pipe except for the
    media in the net pots? For example, a sheet of Matala filter media along
    the back wall to provide additional filtering and water distribution.

    2) I can’t tell how far the net pots go into the lumen of the 4″ pipe, but
    I would be concerned that the water might just fall straight through from
    the supply at the top and miss some or most of the pots and, for example,
    run along the back wall of the pipe to the bottom. How do you distribute
    the water so that it engages the net pots and their media throughout the
    system? Drip? Spray? etc. . . .?

  • Ian Fernando

    you have a great design. I saw that you are currently not selling your
    projects? I would like to know the full spec of this, such as the base,
    pump, etc. I would like to have this made myself. looks easy enough to do
    as well. if you do decide to sell your project let me know. I would be
    interested in purchasing one.?

  • orlaimage

    Thank you for posting, great video instructions and one of the cleaner
    Growing Tower,and very nicely done. I am new to this system and could you
    please give me some information on which pump should I use, and what kind
    of minerals you recommend. Also in my space I only have space for a 3 ft
    Tower. and by the way, would you be able to sell me a 2 3 ft Tower, Since I
    don’t the tolls and space to build one like yours
    Thank you again

  • Trish Elgee

    If you use heat on PVC, be in well ventilated area. If you are in the
    middle of the back yard, with no breeze blowing, you are not in a well
    ventilated area.?

  • tbtitans21

    Hey…what is there to know on the food grade aspect of this whole project?
    Is non food grade material safe for growing plants in? I’ve been
    researching for a little while and started to get some towers going (with
    fence posts instead), but I called and they said that the stuff is not food
    grade. Does it only need to be able to contain potable water and if so did
    you use schedule 40 pvc??

  • Nathaniel Garcia

    Isn’t it dangerous to heat a pvc pipe like this? I could be totally wrong
    but the fumes from PVC heated to those temperatures are toxic.?

  • Larry Hagerty

    hello Gunnar thankyou this really helped me. On the bottom do you put a
    cover with a smaal exit I have 5 towers ready just need to now about the

  • Jonathan Sheppard

    You do realize that heating PVC releases chlorine gas? You should do this
    either outside or in a facility with good ventilation.?

  • Dennis OKeefe

    Hey Gunnar, I too am relatively new to this. I hunted for youtube ideas
    because the expense of pre-fab towers were too expensive. The fiber
    material they use to fill the square towers was also expensive. Are you
    just using stone for filling your grow towers when they are being used for

  • Yusuf Germino

    great. i dont have to buy a heater… i think a small blowtorch is more
    practical to use.. great great thanks for sharing?

  • Matt Miskinnis

    Awesome job! I do aquaponics myself and like your video, feel free to
    check out my videos I’ve posted. I do like your towers but have a question
    as to what you’re planting with the pots so close? I would think that any
    plant that gets bushy or may grow large would start to tangle or get
    unmanageable. Have you considered moving the pots to opposite sides
    instead being so close together? I would love to see your towers in
    action! Please post a video of the towers in action!?

  • Sarah Garrison

    GUNNAR! I’ve been researching different hydroponics designs for a project
    im working on this semester, and this video came up! Too cool! How is
    Germany these days??

  • ghionzz

    hello Gunnar
    I would go out of my system in beds culture to your tower-system.
    Your towers are of 4 inc diameter and 2 lines of plants , is to make room
    for the roots that are only 2 ?
    If I wanted to have 4 lines should I use tubes from 8 ?
    You have a rule that connects the number of plants , the volume of water ,
    the weight of the fish and the number of recirculation cycles system pro
    hour or day ?
    Thank you for sharing your great work .
    Andrea from Italy?

  • Fimko Mapo

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you will have to shop for “plant food”
    or nutrition and supplements which are expensive.?

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