Added by on 2016-01-17 Guide to easily create your own living wall using a woolly pocket. This modular vertical garden system allows you to build a vertical garden quickly and easily without too much hassle. You can make the living wall as big or as small as you want which makes it easily adaptable to your home and many offices and retail locations. This type of greenwall is one of the best ways to green up your home and make it more eco-friendly. It’s an easy to use vertical container gardening/wall planter system. Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Living Wall Planter OUTDOOR USE ONLY Color Peacock Blue Vertical Garden ModularPolanter vertical garden flower planter


Vertical Gardens



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  • elenisophiaa 2 years ago


  • elenisophiaa 2 years ago

    How can I buy this product. the website was most UNhelpful.

  • notantisocial 2 years ago

    Really cool. How has it held up on your wall?

  • Shawn Slivinski 2 years ago

    btw, it's Voil

  • ETCPOOL 2 years ago

    don't be stupid . be prepaired…

  • Urban Zeal Planters 2 years ago

    @vincent7520 The plants used were a pretty full size when planted. Most likely you'd want to trim them up every so often so they don't overtake your wall.. but as far as weight goes that's not too much of an issue. The planter does stay on the wall no problem. It uses wall anchors in the sheetrock and anchors can support 50-80lbs each… maybe more depending on what you get.

  • vincent7520 2 years ago


  • powershop1903 2 years ago

    Do you think a drywall wall anchor will really hold???? Spongy water absorbant soil>>>>????

    Say root ball again. Say it again.

  • her1337ness 2 years ago

    This does not teach you how to make a vertical garden…this shows you how to hang up something you have to purchase which is already made.

  • Anthony Mezzapelle 2 years ago

    Waaaall E