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Making your own garden shade cover is one of the best ways to extend your summer crop. Garden sun shade covers are important in areas with long hot summers or gardens that receive too much direct sunlight. In this video Scott and Margaret walk you through how they made the shade cover for their vegetable garden in North Texas. Shade cloth can really help lower hot summer temperatures and block some of the overpowering direct heat and light that we in Texas experience from Late May on into early September. A shade cover will extend your spring and summer garden and allow you to plant your fall garden earlier. Both of these help you produce more from your garden. An added benefit it the shade cloth also provides a shaded area for weeding, planting and harvesting. For more cooking, sewing and crafty inspiration visit Hearts & Home on: BLOG: SHOP: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Use Straw to Cover a Vegetable Garden : Vegetable GardeningUse Cover Crops in your Vegetable Garden to Grow Food Well!Raised Bed Organic Vegetable Gardening Planting With Deep Soil: Summer GardensStep-by-Step Guide to Vegetable Gardens : Vegetable Gardening 101Vegetable Gardening : How to Control Ants in Vegetable GardensVegetable Gardening : How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Vegetable Gardens

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  • Cynthia Van Buren 8 months ago

    Wonderful video. I also live in Texas (central) and have to deal with the extreme heat and intense sun. This year I attempted to built a above ground garden under some trees on our property. I love to work in my garden with my animals but I just can't take the heat. This I'm afraid was an epic fail. I thought my tomatoes loved it tell I realized they are 6' tall and not a lot of fruit. My herbs seem to love it though, I'm afraid nothing else seemed to. I'm going to show this video to my husband and see if this is something I can talk him into building for me.
    Can I ask how your garden is doing now? I have heard different opinions on this.
    Thank you

  • sharononajourney 8 months ago

    Very well-made, informative video.

  • Lass-in Angeles 8 months ago

    Good DIY tutorial, very instructive thank you! For those who want shade cloth, I found one store on web called and bought several times from them. They cut in any shape you want and put brass grommets securely on edges. I like the KNIT better than the WOVEN cloth because it is more durable. Not only a custom fit, but you also get to pick what percentage shade you want. They advised me that in Los Angeles, 30% shade is good for growing underneath, not much more.

    I will be buying their Aluminet cloth to cover my RV roof to keep it cool in our hot summers. Its a tricky measuring exercise but I read a lot of good stuff about this cloth during the desert festivals. Its more expensive though.

    When my house burned down last year, I had 5 yrs of use on the knit shade cloth 30% and apart from the fire burn areas there was no degradation of fabric, and every grommet was in good shape, no tears on edges. Very good product! Now all I need to do is build a trellis like this and reorder some cloth.

  • Nicholas Bilaczenko 8 months ago

    2 successive days of 110F half of my cucumbers and tomatoes are ruined, they cook in their own skins and burn, shade cloth is the remedy for the technical reasons tomatoes produce flowers and produce fruit more efficiently at temperatures under 85F.