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Get the full step-by-step instructions: Create your own picture frame planter blooming with a mosaic of live succulents and moss. This DIY project isn’t nearly complicated as you’d think — you can get everything you need to make a vertical garden at your local craft store. The textures and colors will make any space (indoor or outdoor) come alive — and even gardeners with the blackest of thumbs can care for succulents. Related PostsIndoor succulent wall planter – succulent art – succulent picture frame using popsicle lolly sticksDIY Succulent Wall Frame | Glam It Yourself ★ Mode.comHow to Make A Picture Frame Sedum GardenHow To Make A Living Picture Frame With SucculentsHow to make your own succulent living garden frameDIY Succulent Palm Tree “Frame”

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  • Anna Augustinová 6 months ago

    It looks pretty but I don't think it's good for the succulents..