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Tip for making false stems on your succulents from Cindy at The Succulent Perch! When wiring and taping to add your false stem you will want to make sure not to cover up all the stem where the leaf nodes are- that is where the roots will develop. Using tape, too high up on the stem, may cover up the leaf nodes. You can also just use a firm wire, like an 18 gauge, insert it into the succulents stem and then into the sphere…no tape needed! The 18 gauge will be stiff enough to insert the succulent! Succulent Sphere – Follow us Here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Gear we use: Video Rating: / 5 Learn how to create a small terrarium filled with easy-to-care-for succulent plants such as ‘Hen and Chicks’ and ‘Jade plant’. Decorate your home with these pieces of living art or give them as gifts! This project will take you about ten minutes to complete once all the materials are assembled and a blog version can be found at the below link. Care of the plants afterwards is described in the blog and the second succulent project, a mini treasure chest planter, can also be found through Video Rating: / 5 Related Postshow to make a succulent sphereHanging Succulents Sphere ♥ DIYHeart Shaped Succulent Arrangement (Full Version) // Garden AnswerSucculent Plant Moss BallHow to Make a Succulent Wall GardenCreating Succulent Wall Art On Palm Debris

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  • Shirley Lowe 1 year ago

    omg…LOVE THIS. it's on my to do list!

  • JediMasterMatt 1 year ago

    Hello. Wonderful video. One question for you. When you use the green pins, do you pierce the succulent to hold it in place or just use the pin to push up against the stem?

  • Pamela Lehto 1 year ago

    Thats Awesome never seen one before Great Job.

  • Elizabeth Lampson 1 year ago

    That link you provided seems to require you to have some sort of business to shop with them. Do you know of any places online where a non-business owner can buy moss balls fairly inexpensively? (I'm seeing some other results on my searches, but they're all $35 plus shipping for a little 6" moss sphere.)

  • Izumi Haruhiko 1 year ago

    will the false stem last for a long time?

  • andrew vincent 1 year ago


  • Alison De Leon 1 year ago

    So cute!!! Where do you buy your succulents?

  • Luisa Costa 1 year ago

    i love it!!! im going to make one.

  • I Will 1 year ago

    how long will this succulent sphere last???

  • Regina Dansbee 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh, I would never have attempted this before seeing your video. You explain the process so well and I thank you for that.

  • Sunita Maraj 1 year ago

    Hi what happens when they grow out ?

  • Marcia D 1 year ago

    oi Laura eu sou uma brasileira q não entende nada duque VC fala mas eu sou louca pra saber como VC fez essa kokedama de musgo que vc colocou as suculentas dentro dela tem terra?

  • Dr Rama Srivastava 1 year ago

    I love ur innovations and presentations !Can u tell how much watering is needed for succulents ? In north India the temp and season keeps changing every four months .

  • Garden Answer 1 year ago

    +Angie Clawson I remove the roots so they will easily slide into place in the moss sphere. This sphere is tightly packed with moss (and I mean, TIGHT with moss 🙂  to where a root ball wouldn't fit. I make cuttings, let them callous, insert them into the sphere, and they will form brand new roots and do great! Thanks for the question! ~Laura

  • Angie Clawson 1 year ago

    Just curious…why do you have to remove the root before planting??

  • Nicole and Max 1 year ago

    great video! I just did a video on succulents come by my channel and see it!

  • Jansen Ang 1 year ago

    Hey there 🙂 so I made a dessert terrarium and one of my cactus is kinda loose even when alot of soil is compressed against its shoot and even if I replant it the same problem happens. what should I do? I'm scared it will die

  • wBryang 1 year ago

    What does she mean by "calus", when she says to allow them a few days to develop a calus? 2:18 Thanks

  • Stephanie Brouwer 1 year ago

    Where do u get that tear drop shape glass from?

  • Matias 208 1 year ago

    put a small house it will look cuter

  • Matias 208 1 year ago

    put a small house it will look cuter

  • Nicole and Max 1 year ago

    love this video! I just made a terrarium and succulent video on my channel also!

  • Bótáné Anna 1 year ago


  • 7peacefrog 1 year ago

    This was so cute. I only have 1 question, with the hens and chick's I have some and they get pretty big, but with planting them (like she did, in that container) Will the size, keep them from growing so big? Thanks again for sharing this