Hope for Your Garden from Los Osos Valley Nursery makes a succulent & bromeliad hanging ball from a Braun sphere

This project is easy & comes together fast! You can read the blog post, THE EASY WAY TO HANG AIR PLANTS, SUCCULENTS & FLOWERS here: http://www.joyusgarden.com/easy-way-hang-air-plants-succulents-flowers/

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I usually have 5 projects going at once so I’m all about saving time. The faster I do things, the more I can get done. This one you’re about to see here goes together so quickly that you’ll be shouting “eureka”! This is the easy way to hang air plants, succulents and flowers.

You’ll see the actual technique I used in this video. And believe me, this is 1 quick and easy technique. No tangled up mess of fishing line used here. You’ll be hanging your living beauties in now time flat. The ingredients you’ll need are all in the blog post.

Here’s the link to the blog post, THE EASY WAY TO HANG AIR PLANTS, SUCCULENTS & FLOWERS, so you can see lots of pics & get the step by step: http://www.joyusgarden.com/pruning-challenge/
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how to make a succulent sphere

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  • 2008reggie

    I think if you did nothing but vines and other trailing flowers mixed all over that would be absolutely beautiful once it got rooted realy well.dont know if that's a realy good idea though lol mabe moss roses mixed with other plants similar to the moss rose.

  • user3251

    Hi. How do you maintain these? Wouldn't the moss be too water absorbant? So how often would you have to water this?

  • Jennifer Elliott

    What kind of "moss" is that? Can I get the decorative stuff that would be less green and more of the grey/green that they sell at Hobby Lobby or Joanne? Also, I like to throw my air plants in the bathtub. Would you unwrap and remove moss every time? Or throw moss, wire, plant and all in the bath? Thanks!

  • NatureGalaxy

    Your videos are simply amazing! You provide such great detail on what to do so anyone can do these simple tutorials! Thank you so much! :)

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