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Garden Expert, Phillip Watson shows Jill Bauer how to make a picture frame sedum garden. This is an inexpensive craft that only requires a few materials. First put regular potting soil in a wooden box (you can purchase or create your own). The trick is to spread it all out and make sure it is mashed down so you don’t have any gaps. Then add a second layer of soil. Next, lay magic carpet living tapestry over the soil. Then add deer netting to stabilize your plants. Not to worry, the sedums will grow right through it and this will help keep its shape. Finally, just add a few thumb tacks to give additional support then put your picture frame over top of it and hammer the frame to the box and the project is complete. Add something new to your garden or hang anywhere in your house to add some life to your walls. For more of Jill’s Projects: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Make a Succulent Wall Garden with a Picture FrameIndoor succulent wall planter – succulent art – succulent picture frame using popsicle lolly sticksHow To Make A Living Picture Frame With SucculentsSucculents in an old picture frame.How to make your own succulent living garden frameBeautiful House Plants Picture Gallery For Your Office Home Or Garden | Indoor Wall Hanging

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  • Genoveva Allen 1 year ago

    I made it by myself. I used woodprix scripts for that.