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How to make a homemade living wall garden out of cone planter containers. This video about healthy gardening is sponsored by Espoma Organic Fertilizer Company – To learn more about Shawna Coronado go to Video and media recorded by Mike Vester of MVI Consulting Related PostsCone Container Living Wall Garden How ToPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHow to Plant a Living Wall Garden on a FenceDIY SOS – BBC One – Living Wall Planters by Woolly Pockets – Garden House DesignLiving Wall PlantersTop 5 Living Wall Planters |

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  • Joan Smith 1 year ago

    Hooks don't look strong enough to handle the weight

  • SleestaksRule 1 year ago

    Will the water run-off from the bottom cause discoloration of the siding after a year or two since it drains against the siding?